Taking Your Hobby to the Next Level

When do you know you're addicted to jewelry making and beading? When you just can't help but share it with everyone else. It's hard to resist when people compliment you on your pieces or your kids (and their friends) want to get into your bead bins.

You can involve other people (assuming you want to) in your hobby in many ways. Here are a few favorites:

^ Try a new technique with a friend. If she's a wire wrapper and you're an experienced bead stringer, take a bead-making class together. Often, the most interesting and innovative pieces of jewelry employed several jewelry-making techniques. Part II introduces all the techniques used in this book.

^ Host a jewelry-making party for your friends. I show you how to set it up, whom to invite, and how to organize a great party. Check out Chapter 14 for details.

^ Make jewelry with kids. In Chapter 13, I give you step-by-step support for choosing the best projects for each age group, keeping everyone interested and on task. Your kids will complete beautiful projects everyone can be proud of.

^ Sell your pieces and your expertise. You can make money selling your jewelry and your talent. Whether you're sitting at your own booth at an art show or posting your pieces on the Internet, you can find a market for your pieces. In Chapter 15, I help you work through the legal and logistical issues to find a way to make it work for you including finding classes that you can teach and shows where you can exhibit.

Jewelry Making Secrets

Jewelry Making Secrets

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    How can i take beading to the next level?
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