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Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers

Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers is a collection of. Step-by-step walthrough of the most commonly used wire techniques. Clearly and simply explained systems for effortlessly perfecting your technique. Money-saving solutions for cutting down on costly wire waste. Amazingly simple shortcuts to make your creations stronger and more durable. Expert advice on tool-buying and how to use common household items for even more cost savings. Table of Contents. The Right Way to Open a Loop or Jump Ring: The Push-Pull Technique Closing Jump Rings. Conditioning Jump Rings The Wiggle Technique For Jump Rings. Technique: How to make a Simple loop. Technique: How to Make a Wrapped Loop. Technique: The Perfect Coil. Handcutting method of Making Jump Rings Advanced Jump Ring Cutting Techniques Sawcutting Method #1: Sawcutting Method #2: Wire Cutting Tips& Filing and Smoothing Tips. Gauge Tips Hammering and Hardening Tips. Tips to Avoid Kinking Tips for Perfect loops: Tips for Shaping Wire Tips for Straightening Wire Tool Tips Wire Wrapping tips: How to Start a New Length of Wire. Wire Wrapping tips: How to Hide Wire Ends. Miscellaneous tips.

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To further secure the crown of the ring, both ends will be attached to it by bringing the wire ends up and threading them down through the crown between the loops and the crystals. STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWEIRY Same 2005 Continue to loop the wire end around the crown wire and then use the flush cutter to cut the wire, making a loop. Use the chain nose pliers to align the cut end against the inside of the loop, hiding the end. Usually, filing isn't necessary however, if running your finger over the...

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I '4 feel 1.3 mi of sterling sil er u ire. 18 gauge 11 mm .7-mm mandrel. 20 inches 50 cm long 10 feet 13 m of half-round sterling sib er wire. 2 I mm Sterling silver spring ring clasp. I gt mm Photo on page 15 Make the slender coil. Slide the coil bead 7 i inches If cm in onto the twisting ol the heavy coil l.ifi ami twist the outermost circles of Ihe heavy coil perpendicular to the coil. Put on the spring ring clasp. Oxidize and polish. Nick Rim with I'i.ikd .on. Bk i gt MATERIALS AND TOOLS...

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Orders r7 UPS Graund over S150 Login Register My Cart Cart is Empty Home Wire Jewelry Making Kit Wire Jewelry Name Writing The Master's Package Small Biz Package Name Writing Package Starving Artist Package Watch Repair and Tools Wedding Supplies Wholesale Jewelry Wire Never Before Revealed Jewelry Making Techniques that can make These are the secrets the Pros don't want you to know My proven system will teach you how to make your own Wire Jewelry In 90 days or your money back...

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