Tricolor freeform necklace

With your flat nose, bend the wire 90° straight up.

To make the weave links, take 10 of the gold jump rings and weave them into a 5 unit-long European 2-2 chain. Repeat with the rose gold.

To complete the pattern, open 4 more rings. Flip over the last two rings on either end of the gold chain, push the underneath two rings back up between the the two you just flipped over, and add two more gold rings to the pushed up rings. Repeat with the rose gold. Alternatively, any weave, links, or 1" length of chain may be used. See "The Box Chain" project for more detailed instructions.

To make the pendant, cut a 3" piece of rose gold wire and use your round nose pliers to make a loop on the end. Use your flat nose pliers to hold the loop while you spiral the wire around the loop for another turn.

Thread onto the wire a 6mm gold bead, then a 6mm silver bead, the focal bead, another silver and another gold bead.

Finish the pendant by turning a double coil with the wire and trim any excess wire with your flush cutter.

Assemble the necklace by opening one of the loops of the silver freeform wire and sliding the top coil of the pendant onto it. Before closing the loop, add the gold Byzantine link. Open the other loop and add the rose gold Byzantine link. Open a loop on the rose gold freeform wire segment and add it to the end of the gold Byzantine link.



Repeat with the gold filled segment by adding it to the rose gold link.

Gently push the small loops together, opening the large loop.

To make the clasp loop, cut a 1V4" piece of sterling silver 20-gauge round half hard wire and make a loop in the center at the widest point of your round nose pliers.

Next, make small loops on the ends of the wire, turning in towards the bottom of the large loop.

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To make an 18" necklace, cut two 414" pieces of chain.

Open the remaining end loop of the gold freeform wire segment and attach the chain. Repeat with the other chain and the rose gold freeform segment.

I @) tricolor freeform necklace

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