Angela can fly because they take themselves lightly.

ifi at a severe disadvantage when it comes to taking up a new hobby or i n» .v *tf<ills Sometime between when we are born and the time we reach i i * we team not to believe in magic. We learn to be self-conscious and i »i n of others and ourselves. "Adults" and "adulthood" are in quotes for the - » I won Hint we do not. in truth, ever grow up. We are just children with w, li . iMiie. and more responsibility.

i In I H.>1 r. mil intended to l>e a textbook and, in |Mut.in1 senx-.dioukl not In- Liken seriously i ' i• ■( iln |t.ui\ .ilxuii safely),'litis(took is about hi Musi iiii|MnUntl)-,ii is aboutplaytitg—like ii .ill plash« liiickcl <»n the beach. The shells < in•(• hi.I Ih-.ii lli«-Miund of iheocean insklc. " i »tuMukilnl sin p ise when it's looked upon i. Illl Mil IMS .it ( lllld.

'mi i inlmy new leys and make prvlty things

I I'lilli .mil In iliis Imok. we nuke mistakes and 1 ill ni in vim Mistakes art* gival

'< sin li ,i. '.illy I'ully, llic Slinky, and

' i i' -li- iiimi mil I.. .i liii <i| Inn and pintilabli-

II IMm l wiiii; .iImiiii ruining your pix'iioiis met iiMiiy irlineis who will lake your messed hi in • <1 unl Hive vihi eilhei money, • redit.«ir new metal (see Resources at the end of the hook).

If you don't like something about a project in this hook, please change it to suit yourself. You will not he graded on your work. If a bolt of creative lightning inspires you, as we hope it will, go for it. How many people have accomplished something wonderful and said that they never would have tried if they'd known it couldn't be done? Try to keep that nasty word "can't" out of your vocabulary. "Can't" is the destroyer of creativity. We have tried to encourage creativity in this book. If wc have accomplished that, llii-n we will have achieved what we consider our most important goal,

S<i. leave all llial imlgiuenlal, can't-dn it, isn't-good viMHigh lliinking In-hind as yoti read ibis lunik and make llit- pmjci 1% ««r your nwn vetsions. t mm- inside and let's play!

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