6 Place the bracelet on its edge again to check that it is even and straight. If not. hammer along the edge with a rubber mallet. Hold the bracelet up on the anvil as pictured. Gently, using the rubber mallet, hammer the bracelet so that it takes on a more oval shape. Pull the open edges apart and check the fit.

7 Insert one end of the 18g wire into one of the holes on the bracelet blank. Bend the end of the wire under so that it is snug against the bracelet, and wrap the length of wire around the bracelet two or three times.

8 Using round nose pliers and your fingers, shape and wrap the wire around and along the face of the bracelet blank If you wish, when you reach the center, make a loop that you can later add a dangle to Continue to cover the rest of the bracelet blank with wire designs.

9 Leave 4"-6" of :he wire free so that you can insert t into the hole on the other end of the cuff. Wrap it two or three times arouid the cuff. Fold the end of the wire under the cuff and press it snugly against the bracelet. File down any sharp edges. Use flat nose pliers to gently squeeze the wire tightly against the bracelet.

Gently hammer along the face of I U the cuff with the rubber mallet to work-harden the decorative wire. Use a rounded surface to hammer against so you do not affect the shaping of the cuff.

^ If you choose, make a wrapped I loop with the piece of 20g wire to add a lampwork bead or charm to the center loop on the cuff. Oxidize in liver-of-sulfur, and polish with steel wool to remove excess oxidation and highlight the wirework. Q

Christine Brandel lives in Virginia with her husband and three children. She is a self-taught lampwork glass artist and jewelry designer, after a career as a speech pathologist She loves to use nontraditional methods for working with common materials, and focuses or copper, silver, and glass in her designs. Find out more about her work at

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