To make the earrings, follow Steps 7-9. but using a 6mm and an 8mm crystal. Attach an earwire to the regular wrapped loop Repeat for the second earring. &

Karen Galbraith lives in Carlisle. Pa. with her husband and two boys. After years of bug hunting and watching sports, she began making jewelry .n 2004 in an effort to reconnect with her girly side. She enjoys working with a variety of materials. Her work can be found in several galleries in Central Pennsylvania and through her Web site.

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skill level sugar plum petticoats

Light, delicate, elegant necklace.

By Kerry Bogert

While visions of sugar plums dance in my head, I like to imagine a gathering of little fairies making ready for a holiday party. No doubt, one would be sporting this sparkly number. Can you picture her twirling under the twinkle lights? The recycled sari silk cording used as the tie back makes this adjustable in length to match any neckline.

• 20-gauge sterling half hard wire, 21'

• 24-gauge sterling half hard or dead soft wire.1'

• 4mm CRYSTALLIZED"*—Swarovski elements, 21

• 6mm CRYSTALLIZED'"—Swarovski elements. 29

• 8mm CRYSTALLIZED"*—Swarovski Elements, 3

• Cham nose pliers

• Round nose pliers

• Polishing cloth

• Rotary tumbler with stainless steel shot Resource: 5or> silk cording from Objects

ICut 27 6" pieces of 20g wire. Start wrapping the wire around the small end of the ring mandrel, about 1H" from the end of the wire Wrap the mandrel 1 V4 times leaving tie last unwrapped

2 With chain nose pliers, grasp the two parallel wraps of w re, and wrap the straight end of the wire around the single area of the ring three times (as you would a wrapped loop). Trim the excess wire, and file the sharp ends. Repeat this on the other side of the ring. The wraps will be on opposite sides of the ring

3 Using another 6" piece of wire, wrap the mandrel again as you did in Step 1. Before repeating Step 2 on this ring, slide the first ring onto the new ring, linking the two together. Repeat Step 2 Continue linking the rings of the chain together in this way until all 27 links are made

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