Cut the wire in half, and make a mark at 1" from one end on each. Measure the space between the two holes on the huttnn At the 1" mark, bend bo'.h ends of the wire over the spot on the jaw of the chain nose pliers that is the same width as the space between the holes

2 Slip both ends of the wire through the holes, and bend each end flat against the back of the button.

3 With chain nose pliers, bend the short end of the wire to 90° behind the button, and make a small hook on the end with round nose pliers

Bend the tip into a small hook with round nose pliers.

5 Bend the long wire around the Sharpie to form the earwire, and slip it into the hook and trim to below the hook .0

5 minute

Super Fast Button Earrings

By Demse Peck, Ed.tor-in-Chief skill level Q

Sometimes when I'm designing for this column, something absolutely extraordinary happens. I make something and it takes 30 seconds! Not 5 minutes. Not 3 minutes. 30 seconds! This design is particularly satisfying for me because 1 have a stash of buttons (that I keep adding to), that are irresistible. And now I know how to use them!

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October 1-3, 2010

Arlington Convention Center, Arlington, TX

Located midway between Dallas and Ft. Worth

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