The Beading Boutique-Allonwxre Springs

.1.100 «J It ol Uhulou» Se.iding majjii- lar.^nl aillectxin irf loho and Pelka seed bead» In Central Flirida. E»ten»ive wkretkm ol beadv tinding», pearls. cryMak etc. A beader'» dream come true Muil mt to believe bulrartton ollered daily Partie». Cirta' Night tint, and mi mini nun' Ciww in ard re la« at pnmnrt ailer Kir while ihmnlig a nrvr creation ki mair md lair Spred Ihr morning ajlerrwon, or entire day. Open 7 dav«/ week.

1046 Montgomery U (407)574 71(4

Avalon Beod Slore/Gifts of Avolou-Goincsville www.avalofibeodslorr.con

North iWkla't oldeu and larxnt bead .Um! 230Ü s} M ami lf> win' experuTW Compkie M-kvtun til ill lyp«H ol l^-id» and lupplkt. online calatog. C'la»«s in wire wrapping, arl day, nvtalwnitliing wnl K'ad wwvIng. and more kiym Wceal'ii-. friemflv »tall, great prueV Hrur 1-75 C1p«i 7 day».

4205 HW 16th Blvd (800) 337 3B44

Bead I Art-lighthouse Point lampworied head». Claw and ill» (.heck out our wetwv taf »lore kvatloo and (Um vhrdul.-»

Beads Etc-Maitlond (Orlando) www.heodstoreoflando.toen

Orlando'» line»t lull *<r»fcv heud «kwy »itw lAtlp^t while-Hile price» on «elected «trand» ol netnsluoe». Large »efcc'loo ol »eed bead», «terling G-F. haw- metal. S»ann«ii |W<rl» Cmh. lie. Cla**-» all iesri» Cuitomer trn ur »1!

Beadsl-Tanpa www.eheods.com

Uikd Bot New Rutin»« 20CT—7any* Thhuu 1 lu/y ««fcvuir at SwanwdJ cry Mai». ^in«lurr». fresliwaler pearl», dkhrotc «la»'. peniLtnl», lampworied beads, seed lv.nl>. w«7W Udka oiloev Choi out our .:l»« vhrdule ceiliw

Crystal (reolions/Beads Gone Wild -West Polm Beach


Go wild In 2JOO «j. It o4 beadi. Fkmdi » Urge»!, mott omi-plrte bead shop Leader» in bniihng edui atton (Xrr 100 pnv tmwnal rluar» Eue&nt gnol/teadier wiwiihojw Sre » hv people uy Crystal Crmtioft» I» one ol Ihe beti beaJ «Jwp» Now »hop online or e-mail tnloÄbead»fioiiewildconi. 4058 Foeoit Hi 8kd (5*1)449 9909

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