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Whimsical neckpiece with crystals and copper semi-cird'es.

By Cindy Warner skill level Q)Q>

This necklace combines a rustic look with the sparkle of Swarovski crystal. You can create this stunning piece with just a few components: copper discs, crystals in your favorite color combination, ar.d copper wire! The finished length is l6%".

tools & supplies

• fimm CRYSTAII I7HV*-Swarovski Elements olivine nxnds. 5

• 6mm CRYSTAILIZED'"-Swarovski Elements smoky topaz rounds, 2

• 6mm CRYSTALLIZED'*-Swarovski Elements light smefced topaz rounds. 3

• 8mm CRYSTALLIZED"*-Swarovski Elements light smdeed topaz rounds. 2

• 8mm CRYSTALUZED'"-Swarovski Elements smoky tcpaz rounds. 3

• Round nose pliers

• Flat nose pliers

• Flush cutters

• Ball peen hammer

• Plastic mallet

• Chasing hammer (optional)

•Steel bench block

• Black Sharpie marfcer

• Polishing cloth

• Rotary tumbler (optional) Resources: Copper wire and round discs from Crystals from

4 Cut twelve 8" pieces of 18g copper wire. Bend the wire in half to form a "U", and place a 9mm dowel at the center point. Wrap both tails ol wire around the dowel for a full turn.

2 Hammer the copper blanks with a rubber mallet to flatten. Add texture by using a chasing hammer, file smooth the edges of the metal.

5 Remove the dowel, and continue to bend and press the ends of wire a round to create a freeform circle shape.

6 When just under 1" of wire remains on each side of the circle, bend the tail wires perpendicular to the upper third of the coiled circle. Trim the wires to Vi". Hammer the circle link several times on either side with the chasing hammer. With the round nose pliers, create simple loops with the tail wires. Repeat this step tor a total ot four links

IDraw a line acrcss the center of each copper blank with a Sharpie and a ruler. Using metal shears, cut the circle blanks in half. Trim the tips of the sharp edges on each semi-circle.

3 Using the hole punch, make holes in the left and right corners of the metal blanks. With the Sharpie, make three marks evenly spaced along the rounded edge of the blank. Punch holes on the marked spaces. Hammer the blank with a plastic mallet to remove any burrs. Set the copper pieces aside.

7 Open the simple loops in the coll links, and attach each side to a metal semi-circle.

8 Repeat Steps 4-6 to create links with the remaining eight pieces of wire, with a variation in the loop orientation. One loop is perpendicular to the coll link as before. The other loop is on the same plane as the arcle coil. Attach a series of four links tagether. Attach one 4-link segment to both sides of the copper semicircles.

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