Practicing with a Swatch

I find it's best ro start ou t any project by stitching a small Another benefit of creating a swatch is that you will be able swatch of the beads I plan to use. It's a good way to evaluate how to test how many times a bead can be stitched through without the beads will look together. breaking it. It's far better to discover this information in a small swatch than in the middle of your beaded piece.

Variety of s: itched peyote su-atches.

It's easy to skip making a swarch and get right to stitching on the project, but stitching a sample swatch is a good habit to maintain, so as not to be surprised or disappointed with your finished piece. Often. I'll turn the swatch into a bead or decorative element on another project.

Variety of s: itched peyote su-atches.

Inevitobly, something will hoppen while stitching beads together on a oroiect. A thread might break while you're pulling It through o beod for the fourth time, or the bead itself might break or chip. While frustrating, the challenge is to solve the problem so the error cannot be detected in the finished beodwork.

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