Pleated Pods Peyote Necklace

The structure of this necklace developed entirely by accident. I wanted to create vertical segments that looked like thev were growing together. I had put on extremely long arch between two ot the segments thot iust didn't look right, and the amount of opon space was causing Ihe beadwork to sag. In on attempt to fix it, I pinched up the edges of beaded fabric along the arch and on the back, I zipped the beads together to create an invisible seam. This made the edges of the arch pucker. I reoilv liked the effect and continued adding openings and pleats. Some of the pleats were left open for contrast. This piece was worked in three pieces: the center front, leti side, and right side. The tv/o sldepieces were attached using the pleat method as well.

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3 tubes IT Japanese seed beads*

1 tube 10° triangles in complementary colors

1 tubo round Czech seed beods

6 to 9 bronze Irradiated freshwater pearls

Nylon beoding thread

#12 beading needle

Thread conditioner


Sectioned ceramic watercolor dish

'Make suro each tube varies from the others In styles and finishes.

Finished size: 19"

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