Use this technique when you want a peyote-stitchcd tube ro start out small and gradually flare out into a larger diameter.

1. Add two beads in the place of one bead, x as shown in Figure 1-1, wherever you want to increase the diameter of die project.

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Figure 1-2

¡be beadtvoHt on this 'Carniwle" necklace ■i minima' so the shapes a>:d color. lamptcwk beads become tfce focus of the piece. Notice bou increasing and decreasing the stitched areas allow fin (he tapering effect of the seed bead segments Ivtuvcn the lampwork bea>U.

2. T he next time around the tube, stitch dirough die first bead, add a bead, and then stitch rhrough the second bead, as shown.

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