Getting Started

For ease in learning off-loom stitches, beginners should consider using Japanese seed beads because of rheir uniformity of size and shape- Using rhese beads is much easier, as they will interlock smoothly and will not shift around.

I recommend using size 12 beading needles and size"IV Nymo beading threads. To start, thread the needle with a doubled length of thread and run the thread over beeswax or thread conditioner to strengthen the thread.

Experiment to sec how tight! to pull the beads. I pull my beads very tightly together, and the resulting beadwork is very structural, sincc the beads do not sliift very much due to the tightness of the thread. Other bead artists maintain a looser tension, and achieve a silky fabric feel to their beadwork.

The most important guide is to be consistent, regardless of how rightly you pull the beads. The shifts in tightness of the threads will be noticeable if you do not maintain consistency.

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