Dealing with a Broken Thread

L t of n a thread breaks, leave che tail end where it is and do not off right away id your needle and condition the new thread.

>r the new thread in the beadwork near where the broken [ is coming out of a bead. Stitch through the beads so the r exits a bead near where the broken rhread is sticking out.

I onto the broken rhread with your other hand, so it can't into the beadwork. Work your needle through the and dirough the same bead that has the broken thread. i can pass through chat bead, be sure to stitch through I of the beads that would have been added before and after I where the thread broke.

; the tip of the needle to try co unthread the broken thread

: last few beads it had been stitched through, so you i longer tail to use. Try to unthread the broken diread from i beads so you have about 4" to 6" of thread.

When oosvno through thr beads oround the broken ftreod. anchor these beads as much os possible which eliminates the poss'bllity of the broken thread working its way loose ord the beads coming off. You must strengthen this area so It will nol be weak when subiectcd to the wrar and tear of being worn.

6. If you can get a length of thread loose from the beadwork, trim the frayed end with scissors and thread :t onto a needle.

7. Take several zigzag stitches through the surrounding beads just as if you were ending a diread. Make sure that you are workng with the beaded fabric so your stitches are hidden by the beais.

8. Cut off the excess original thread after four or five stitches and then go back to using the repair thread to com inuc your stitching

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7J:r uire hue supports Kristan Childi numerous lampwork beads in this necklace, lmprovistttional beadwork effectively conceal* much of (he m'rr construction. As u ifb any project involving thread, breakage can occur when the holes of the beads are full wtth thread, making it necessary for you tug on the needle and thread to get it through a full bead. If a break does occur, amply foBow the suggestion! provided below.

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