Creating Bridges

To create a bridge, you will do the same thing as adding an only you will bring die loose end with the beads over onto beadwork and anchor die bridge onto the middle portion the beadwork, rather than just on an edge. The difference en the two terms for reference is that an arch occurs along edge of the beadwork and a bridge crosses over and anchors die middle of the beadwork.

You can also attach charms, lampwork beads, shells, and interesting beads to the beadwork using arches and bridges, desired, try adding decorative wire shapes to create interest

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3. Add several arches using different types of beads.

4. Stitch back down the side where you just added the arch to begin to build up the arch. If you like, you can just stitch back and forth on the arch to build up that section. This is helpful when you don't want to increase the overall width of the project.

and texture. Attach the wire shapes to the beadwork by stitching through the wire shapes to create small beaded loops using serd beads.

Add lampwork beads to the piece with bridges or arches, making sure to place them throughout the piece. If desired, you can slide a bead onto the wire before shaping the wire into a segment. This will help integrate the wire into the beadwork.

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