Bright Blue TNC Necklace

This necklace uses the same TNC bead-making techniques used in the Twist 'n Curl Bracelet, cage It Is made unique by the intense blue in Donna Koto's polymer cloy bead, which is occented by Rcdke's dlchroic beads and the coated copper wire.


24-gauge turquoise-coated copper Artistic Wire

24-gcuge non-tarnish brass-coated copper Artistic Wire

18-gauge blue-coctcd copper Artistic Wire

10 blue dlchroic 4mm glass beads'

Oval polymer clay focal bead*

Tv/ist 'n Curl tool v/lth small round mandrel

Wire cutters

Round nose pliers

Needle nose pliers

Flot file

*The dichroic beads were by Paula Rodke and the polymer clay focal bead by Donna Koto

Finished size: 22"

Wite Rndinp ructions sc eight Second Step Twist n Curl i beads, as instructed on page 44, | the uirquoise and non-tarn Lsh ; together at the same time ng the first coil. Modify the :. : the beads by gently gripping the l either side of the center of the I slowly rotating your hands in le directions.

: your hands to the end and : to gently rotate (lie bead ends te directions. Reshape the coils iry to maintain the overall ify all eight TNC beads.

3. Cut a 3" length of 18-gaugc blue wire and file both ends.

4. Grip the end of die wire at the base of the round nose pliers and put a loop on one end.

5. Slide a dichroic bead onto the wire, grip the wire with the base of rhe round nose pliers about V* away from bead, and use your fingers to put a loop on die other end.

6. Cut off the excess wire.

7. Adjust the loops with needle nose pliers ro be snug against the bead.

8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 with the other nine dichroic beads and all eight

TNC beads.

9. Using the 18-gauge blue wire, make a large spiral, as instructed on page 'II. with a wrapped loop on the end, as derailed on page 35.

10. Make a hook clasp out of the same wire, referring to the instructions on page 37, if necessary.

11. Cut 12" of blue IS-gauge wire and file both ends.

12. Put an anchored spiral on one end, slide the focal bead onto the wire, and pin a wrapped loop on the other end.

13. Open the loop of one of the dichroic bead segments and hook it through the spiral of the focal bead. Attach a TNC bead to the other side. Continue this pattern, adding four more TNC bead segments and finishing with one more dichroic bead segment and the hook clasp.

14. Attach a dichroic bead segment to the other side of the focal bead, and then a TNC bead. Continue adding beads in this pattern until you have added all of the bead segments. Attach the spiral side of che clasp at the end.

Finished sise: 24''


Wire cutters

Round nose pliers

Needle nose pliers

Flat file

•The lamowork beads are by Nancy Tobev.

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