Attaching the Beadwork to the Wire Frame

Once you have a stitched piece ready, you can securely attach the beadwork to a wire framework at the cr.ds. Here's how:

1. Bead back and forth on the last 1" or so cf the beadwork. building up the width.

2. Once it is wide enough to connccr when wrapped around rhe wire framework, wrap the beadwork around the framework and stitch through the edge beads to zip up the last '/>*.

3. To lengthen the beaded tube in order to hide the wire wraps that might be on the wire framework, use tic tubular pevote stitch, as instructed on page 87, to extend r >e beadwork. You may want to continue stitching beads onto the piece in order to build up the end of rhe beadwork since some width would be lost bccausc of the wrapping around the end of the framework.

4. find rhe beadwork in the same manner for the other end of rhe bracelet to attach it to the hook portion of rhe wire framework. Be sure to bend and flex the bracelet, and try it on frequently.

Ask yourself the following questions:

• Is there o place on the project that looks skimpy or* needs more beads'

• Is there o soot on the proiect where the beadwork >i pulllrg awov from the wire framework?

• Are there areas where the proiect looks loo densi with one color and another color should be lntroduce< via a bridge or arch?

• Is The bracelet wide onough? If oat. do you wont ts add arches ond open oreos or do vou wont to build up the o-co with peyote stitch to Creole more beodwor« fobri:?

• Is the bracelet too wldo? To solve this, could you foi< over one of the edges onto the beodwork and stltcfl it down to anchor it? Or, could you pur a pleat in th« centcr of the beaded fabric to pull In the width?

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