P^UIWIIIM TlilMini 2a

Design a playful brace et jstrg peyote stitch and ladder stitch luce beads

('.reate two sl\ Irs of textured brads, starling with a basic Ik?vote tube. (lomhinc llie heads with simple ladder stilcli spacers Brick Stitch Basics, p. 29). and string them on a leather cord.


Ladder stitch sp.icors

(1) Vftirku* wxth IS in. <44cni)of thread, Mrillg m\ cylinder bftxk 3 an. (2(Vtn) inxn the end

(2) Sew bftcfc up (hroqgh the fn>i thro: l»eadi and down through «he «econd three hraiK ere* ting a ladder of two column* with three head* wit (fcriik Stilcli Raves p. 29, ami figure 1,¡*-t>].

(3) Pick up three head*. Sew down thriH^h the n\«Mid column of head» and up ilinmi^i the new bead*. Keep the thread tention t»$ht, and make *ure the column* line up »idc by *idc fb-C). Continue until you have «even lhroe head co&amn* ((»gore 7) [4] Sew the ftm and U»t o>luiue* of I he ladder together to form a tube (photo a)

|5] in exile a firmer iv.mi, vw up and down the column* throe inuec tinicv [6J 'fo end the, sew into a column of heads and exit between ike mood and third head*. Don\ iw>-im the (hrrad COmplrffly; leave ahout a ^ in. (IknO loop near rhr tvadwork. Brash a mull amount ol fclue tl»e k»»e»i jh;II it through, 'lorn I he ex«-** thread. Repeat with the ta-.l left in *tep I (photo b). [7] Make a total of ci^ht nvurrv

materials bracotot 8 m. {20cm)

Pcyotc stitch tube bends

(1) On j I-yd ;.9mi length n# ihrrjd. utiti£ u\ K' vol Ivid». V£tok in Ilit, even «nint ppotr IfVyoce stuck Bjmcs, pp. s-9, and fipatt 3) for ten ftxiv.

[2J K<4! the lv.»dv».»rl into J rube, and Mitch through the up beads, appMt): up the fins and Im rrm* <l*c>ote Si itch Basic* an»! p*>oto cj. /iR/ag K»ck ihrciogh «he row a&isn. [3J taurv the thread u*h a lew half'hiicli knot* (Technique*, pjs iV-7; bet wren head«, and trim the laik. (4) Mile a loul of three tuhe heads.

Poyote stitch bubble beads

(1) Make a tube bead a* drn-vihcd above, bnt increase tl»e COvnt from lew to 12 rowv l>on*t end the wixkutg thread.

(2) Mark thr starting point for the embrlttshmenl by sliding a rxvdte (hriM^i one row ot head* (photo <5> |3| Slip the edge Iteadt. and <dJ two beads prr row co the luhc'i Mir face (liguro 4)

(4) Make a total ol loor bobhlr heads.


[1J AppK a doe ol glue to one rod of che leather cord, and dide it into thr crimp tube. S<|uce/e the ceiilev of the crimp tube with chjinmne p&er* (photo o). Wipe oH any excess glue.

(2] String the heads omo the x«»rd as di«*stt m thr photo on p. 2*I sir as desired. Oscxk the lit, jikI ad|oM the number of beads a« needed.

(3] torn thr «her cord end lo W »n. (Mitrn> short of the bracelet's desired length, and rqvat step I.

(4] Use a jump rag< Icshmqsoi to anash a siisp hall lo the cramp cutv. Repeal on the otr- r cvhJ. 0

<AjrtK*Ci fart /#. .//» ii'i u/ M»r. en .rreflrVmr«'/»*/.««»m.

materials bracotot 8 m. {20cm)

I • bgJaarMtcyrriorttiai

I • 2 kviVKy o*np ? fmr hoto Oirxfc. COOStSCSttC

• Nr^O.coo xxnuchinvti

Ruffles and ridges i .i )© ixacel:;! with jr* ¡rty rwists i* Beth stone

Stitch a peyote tube ows ofinervasrs produce graceful. rippled trip's along liihc-sliapcd cxolc siiI<'Ii heads. Siring litem with iiilcrcsling accent heads locrealc

Wows pexolc slilch heads. Siring llieni with iiilcrcsling accent beads lo crcalc a livclv bracelet. There are no limits lo the color combinations von ean Iry for these heads, aiul led fi*ee lo substitute beads in oilier sl\ les and si/cs for the I lv seed beads shown here.

materials bcaco^t $ (20cn>)

• b^'/T'r rxsrt w 1 sflriocr. *uoo*. aaore. ard zm


• various EttSB

• 2crtiptxnt

• tCKCK)bontfrKJwto .UK

• WYO jurori step/;ystep lot jn 8-in. ¡¿(Km> bracelet, nuke (He ruffled tuhe*.


[1] Condition .1 2-vil. (I.&ni length iyf Ntmo (Technique«, pp. 6 7:. Pfcfc up eight color A 11 * *xxl beads. Slide I hem co the ntaddk «»I ihr thread. Roll the nil on a «null piece of c.irdb«xird to keep k minigeahli- a* you work. Work in OiUoviKMni peyxe flVyoce Stitch tattc*, pp. for ten row*.

(2J Roll the Kmdwork mio a tube, and zip up fPejixe Siitdl Katie*) the fir* and last row*. [3] Sew through the beadt so whit ikyUV exit» the «T>d i>pp«»si«e the cail.


[1] P*k tip three color B ll*ft«d Ih-jsU. Go utA\er ihr first thread Inidae ¿long the tube's edfee. jod w. IxkI through ihe third bold lo I i p«co( (figure 1.

[2] Pick up two fts, jgo under die ftr.u I thread bridge, and sew through the last bead added (lx).

[4] I'kk up owe II (<*-©>. tor a renal of I ten head* added.

[5] Sew down through the lirst H

in tlic r»m, go under the next thread I bridfee. and sew hack through che first two Bs (O-0>

[6] Pkk up cw<i AV'ind ww (Ihimu-> the next B on the picot row (figure 2. a-t>K lhi% h Hie hr*i peyote nx-rcase.

[7] Repeat seep 4* Unit enure HUMS*

nounr i

picking up a lot¿1 of Wt> As (t>-<K [8] Step up through thr fir« A on the incitais row (figuro X 0-*>) P*k "p one K. j nJ MCW through I lie next A (b-c>. Kcpcat nine time*. pkktng up a total of ten R* (c-<J). (9| Slep up through the iwu K oa the row lliguru 4. a-bf P*k up rwo A* in every «neh .un*v* ihe tow for a total of 20 As <t>-c).

(10) Refvat step K (tguro 5. a-b). liking op a (o€aI «»f ft* (b-c).

(11) Secure your ihreaJ ( IbchnHtue*), and mm i he tail.

(12) Unroll the tail at the other end of the lube bead, and ibread a needle on the tail. Vtt*k a ruffle oti thru end.

Clasp loop

up mu Bs «n otf> Mitch ac*«»** ihe row for a total of held* |I>-«K


(2) Pick up one II hctttem each pjir ••I fi% in the prr*«ou* row for a lottl o1 I * ft* (C-<l).

(3) W«»rV imii nw> of picking up one B in every *iiich

Ivtve, and connect the *h«wt edge* b> sewing tl»e rod bead* tofyther (pltoti\ abuse left). Secure ihe thread, and trim ihe tad*.


Refer to ihe photo on page 27. (1 ] String a crimp K»*ad and two A* on the IvadinK wire. Go thnnigh two A* at the end of the cb*p loop, string two A*. and go hui. through the crimp Itead. Crimp ihe crimp bead ; K\luv,jorM. and Iran the exce» w ire.

(2] String 6Vi m. I 16.5cm) of spacers, nittkxl tubes, and accent l*ad*.

[3] String a crimp bead.

[4] String the lOrnm head «hi j pin, and make a wrapped loop nixbciMiuesV.

[5) Stung the wrapped l«*»p next to the crimp head, and p.* knk thrn*fji thr crimp head and the next few-head*. Tighcea the bead*. I hen criirp tbev.nmp head, and turn the wire. 0



These directions call for sood beads in two colors. To make the bracelet fcveher, select three main colors and three accent colors, as shown on p. 27.

nounr i

Brick Stitch Basics


1 A ladder ol vxd head* or luiiclc hfjjt H UK J tO KfJJIll brick Mitch. To make a ladder, pick up two head*, leaving a 6-iiv f 15cmï tail. (.<» rlif.K^'Ji lmih liead* jjcain in ihe *ame direction, hill the cop head down M) ilic Ik-.uU are v«df by udr, IV thread exit* the butmcn u4 the Kvood head PWk up a third head, and go KkI through the wrond head from top to Iwtiun.

2 Come tack up the third head (b-c). Vrai* a fourth head. (Jo tKtoi^i tlie third bead from bottom «•> iop and the fi*fth head from CUp CO l»X|l»Tl (0-^ < ««Ot«V or adding heath until yuu reach the detircd length.

3 To reinforce the ladder.

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