Easy peyote rope;

Learning lo slilch pevole lubes is east when voii slarl willi an odd iminher ol' largc-si/.cd seed heads. < )dd-coiinl lidies lc-I >on work in a continuous spiral from slarl lo luiislu and (i® seed beads are ihr easirsl In handle when you're figuring out a new trrhni<|iie. Oiirr VOli'iv cotiilbrlahlc willi tubulär peyote. Ir\ heads in oilier sizes and shapes. Ihn don't stop liiere peyóle lubes make a greal base In embellish.

22 r.l mum. n STIt* ll»> ."«hi step/nstep

Peyote tube

(1) Cerner .1 ncrdV? tw\ * yd. |2.7n»: of l-irdnr or Nynio, jixI uvc the ihrvjnl doubled. Pki up J Mop

> fr\hnii|««c%. pp. 6-7}. and Unk* tl to jWkh 9 «n. |2 km} if«hii ilic uil.

-xvd folds J oil OÄf A. Sink* tbci» .\r,i the Mop head. Go ib «• nigli the f»rn bead o$*in to do« rlir circle (fVyoce Seilet* pp. and figure 1. a-bJ. He careful not io «phc civ i bread when go«ng hie* ik rough a bead. VOiru *o« ««art 4 (iibe, pulling ihe nnf; of tvad« twer a (hoptiK'k or

[3J INek up an A. «kip the next head ob the circle, and go through the thxd IkjJ (figure 2. a-b). Pick up j II, «kip the next bead on the circle, ami go tkeuugh the fifth brad (b-<). lie* up <i C". »Lip die next head I he circle, and g«i ilirmif.h the «oenth head (C-d) Don't worry .iS nit the (ihwhi yet.

(4) Pick op .in A, .hxI kp thnxi^i the I'm« Nrad .«tlikxl in ««cp t (t^ure X a-b> C ixKmur .inmnd the tube, adda«g one head per color ii euch round m foero «pirak of color (pr»<xo a). After llie third round, pit the Morking thread .i jyntk* iur to tj^cni the bmk

(5] Omkiiiu.- «filching the rope, f« »Mowing the e«tah*«hcd pattern of eolocv Wkn the tuNr «« k*xt a» mcH no hold. (Ward thr «hup«**. Onii***: until }xm reach the deurcd kngrh few jour ncvibcr. IMnr the tfop bcvid. [0] To iiitodi. tv a h.ilfh uh knot (IcvhnH|iic«i klwttn the bu head and n\ neeghhoc. Go llrougb the bcjile .it thi« end of the tuhe jm lea«t eNKV. making half hitch knot* between head«. Sevure ihe thread, and irnn the tjil.

(7) Repeat uepb to «cvure chr other thread rail.


To add thread, leavo the old neodto in place. and center a new noddle on 3 yd. (2.7m) of Fkeftr* Of Nymo. Go through two or threo beads sovoral rows back, working toward the okJ neodk». Tko half-hitch knots between a few beads as you approach the end round. Take the new noodle through the bo ad that tho old needle Is exiting, and begwi stitching with the new needle. After a few rows, secoro the old throad in the be^dwork. dot tho knots with gluo, let them dry. and trim tho tail.


[1] Ctrt a piece of craft wire more than t*kc thr length erf the tube. IX*iMc it. anJ IvvJ the folded end through ifcc tiilv.bdnKcarcful not to conir thr» mgh rhr headwotfl. 'thread Ihe coed ihr«Mj>z^ the lokkxi end of th; wire, and p«ll the wire and cord tack through the cube (photo b).

[2] Ifec large hole bcttdt (ot live UOfpm. Slrwig a on thr rod ol the coed. and tie an oierhand knot (Technique*}. SWe rhe head agamei the knot, and repeat «hi the other «ade of the head (photo c). on the mlwr end of the coed.


K»r different etfext«. wn the head cokiev ii/c, and typrv You can at««>

< hinge the mmilxr ol hejd% in thr Marting ring and ihe length eif the fn*.>%hrd tube. For Icrgjhwur *tn|*«, dniwe eoeral (olon for the lirM row. then pick op a Nud to match thecolor Mow it .is jw woek. Chi ogmg color* after «r«eral nm« nuke« Immi/ikiiiI «tn;v*. Size $' triangle beaJi akjyi flit «uie «m«. Drop hrad« inccelock mth the IhiKi i*nd «howing f«»e a nM) u xtnrr. O

< /«ifA f S*rfKt*itM l ynrr it car* 'i/ IVrad&Kuttoti.

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