Embellished rope

Stitch two aysrs at croe on ths easy NcJotalo herringbone nccWace

//% Rebecca Peapplw

Sui'lacc rmhrllisluucnl oil Vlcbrlr lim in^'lionr lulics is cas\ lo add ;is \• ni work. Sr\rral options arr show iu I>««I vour \arialions an* Iniiillcss onrc \mi understand lulmlar licrriii«;l>nn<\ counting rows liv marking llirm. and working bark through the already -rivaled seel¡01 is of rojn\


Basic rope (not shown)

(1) Ihrcada ncxdlcon j 2-yri.|I.Xlm) length ol N vino or StUmidr, jnJ vtiu I» j ladder {Ndehefc- llmtnghxte Httkx. pp. 42-4 \. .ind figure II with e^t pjnx ol color A cylinder beads, k-j^ J 12-M.OOcm) laiL

(2] Join the la.kkr into a ring by going •p through 1 he fir\i pjir ol head* and hack down thr Liu puie. < ome hack up the lirxt pair agiin (f uor<* 2).

(3) Kck up (our As Cio shmn the next A to the nghi, and «mi* up the next A (Ndehele Herringbone tkisRs and figure 3J Kepeat ihror times. At the end of the low, step up (Xdrtvle

HernogU>r»e Basks) through three bead* (figure 4). Kepeat this seep to make a basic hcrringl*** rope, or entbclVdi as described below.

Gold-accented ropo

[1J Work step» 1-3 ol the Kisk rupe until yen have three completed Ndebele herringbone rounds.

(2) On the fourth round, pnk up a color b 1v seed bead a* a marker between lite lirM and houiJ viuhcv Kr peat after cacti witch ©n the rotmd. piking a marker l>ead between each her-iiogl«ooecohimr (Itguro 5 and photo

(3) VX'oek one row of herringbone.

(4) hck up four As and uork <me Mitch. IVk up seven or eighc Us. Cms through the marker dugonally behns.

56 it) mllm.iumo siw iiksi

Mitcfeing through ehe lx*ad from right in lett (photo bf.

|5) hek up one ir*rt B than in Mep 4, and begin ihe next herringbone »titelt (photo c). Repeat slept 4 .iikI S around ihc tube; ihc ft* curve downward to the IHt.

¡6) Work one row of herringbone, then repeat Mep» 2-4 until ihe rope it the doirod length.

(7) <»o up and dimii through the Um round w the opposite direction to <io\c up the column*. Pkk up an A. a cl»*p bead. and an A. Sew back through the claip head and the A until the bead* are SCCUfC. On the other end. sew a reinforced loop of I'rt that llit ovtr the clatp head.

Silver rope

(1J Wurk Mep* l-*of theaold accented rope with >ix pair* of color A cylinder head* inMead of eight.

(2) Work Mep 4 of thr gold accented rope, connecting to the marker bead* dtrevtly below, uung fewer bead*. Ihc IU run vertically.

(3) Work Mep* 5-7 of the gold accented rope, working Mep 4 a* before.

Bronze-and-cream rope, cross-stitch embellished

(1) Begin a* in steps I and 2 of the gold-accented rope. Ihen. wx»rk three row* in herringbone.

(2) Start the next row with lour A*, bvt after tl»e lint Mitch, pick up lour a 3mm bead, and three Be. (io thfimgh the marker direvtly Wow the Mitch you iu\t made from right to left. Pick up three ft*, go back up the 3mm, and pick up three te. (io through the fiot H strung from top to bottom (pf>oto d), and Mart ihe next Milch. Continue around the tube, completing the lavt Mitch thrinigh three A\ to step up. If neccwary. adiuvt the Mimhef of IU to fit comfortably.

(3) Work three row* in herringbone.

(4) Repeat stqiv 2 and * mini the rope U the desired length. I he first layer of embellishment it compkte.

(5) Repeat step 7 ot the gold »Accented rope to finish the endv

|6J Ck> hack down the lube to exit a H at the top of the la»t cmbdlnhrocut row. PkV up (our or f«c Kc, .i 2mm bead or accent liead, and lour or five more IU. Go through the botioan

B on the next embellishment to che right. Repeat the pattern, and go through the B at the top of the »ex« embellishment to the right. Repeal this Mep through the oilier iwx» milx*lli«hrik-fit\ (photo «).

(7) I'ootiou the needle to go righi to left ilirouj^i one ot the »• jtt om«ed nur Vers on thk embellishment row. Pick up four oe hw Bv. go throtyfi tlx* 2mm. and pick up four or five Ik. Go through llic nc%i available autlet «Mt thr di*$onal (ptoto 0- Refx-at .iriysnd. croeiuig through all tl>e 2mim.

(8) RepoutiiNi >our neeclk* to embellish every trthcr rmmd. End the thread«.

Gold-wit h-pR;irls rope, cross-stitch embellished

(1) Work step* I-.? of the bronze* andcream rope, rang the MCtwiiy flumber of wed brad* Mep 2. \V*»rk Mep 2 of the goW accented rope. Wirk three mine plnn rowv Work Mep 2 of the bcouresind-cream n>pe.

[2) Repeat Mep I until the rope »* the dcKired kivgtli. Icompteic-i the first lajer of enihellishinent.

(3) Work Mep* S and n of the hronre and cream rope.onvnting ihc 2mm or K' acwni lx*ad and letting ihe MramK Ctot» around ihr cope.

[4) Work a cpiralmgMrandof Med lieadc aroend the rope, shifting one OMfflber bead to the left each lime. Fi id the threadv O

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