Materials And Tools

5-mm mandrel

12 incites (30 em) of sterling silver wire. II gauge (1,5 mm I

12 cornelian stone heads

24 inches (00 cm) of sterling sliver w ire. 22 gauge (.0 mini

2.T rings made from M-gaugc (1.5 mm) sterling sii\er wire on a .»•mm mandrel, for a chain

Sterling silver spring ring clasp. 12 mm

I'hoto on page 26 I have used fairly heavy wire here, but you can substitute 18- to 16-gauge 11 to 1.2 mm) wire if you wish.

Make the coll with M-gauge (1.5 mm) wire. Stretch it to 8% inches (22 cm).

Make it into a rough shape by bending over the ends (see page 25) and hitching them together.

As you do webwork. thread the beads onto the fine wire and place them randomly. filling the shape with carnelians and silver wire—quite lovely.

Attach a ring on each side of the shape so that the rings are located roughly across from each other ami slightly above the vertical center.

Join the rings one by one Into two lengths of chain (see page 31 for how to |oin rings). Mount the clasp on one end of the necklace.

Length: 6% inciiks r

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