Materials And Tools

3-mm mandrel

I feet (.5 ml of sterling silver wire. 20 gauge (.8 mm)

Make the. coil. Cut out and shape the figure eights. Lay two of them aside. \ -each earring, make a chain of seven f: lire eights, attaching them together w : pairs of rings. Attach four small rings one side of the center figure eight, anyone pair in each loop. Join the last fie eights to these small rings. Attach the top figure eight to the eye on the stud (refer to the drawing above).

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Even more possibilities exist when the figure eights are made with half-round wire. Here It's best to use wide flat-nov pliers. When making the coil. It's important to hold the flat side against the ma:-j drel. Although it's somewhat more difficult to work with half-round wire than with round, you will find ihat the result-definitely repay your effort.

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Length: 6 Vi inches (16 cm) without clasp fc'TKRIAI.S AND TOOLS

-mm mandrel

;." s (tel (I ml of sterling silver wire. 18 [ . -tisc (I mml. for the coil segments i - fret 11 ml uf half-round sterling silver * re. 2 x I mm. lor ihr figure eights ft ■rims silver fancy lobster claw clasp. ' I mm

Photo on page 46

-hi segments: Make the coll with the

I -.auge (1 mm) wire. Break the coil > teen circles 3 and I and again s-een circles 2 and 3. (lut on the third

• You'll need about 14 coll seg-- :s. which will be used as rings.

: - re eights: Make the coil with the half-. : wire and cut and shape the ligure fccf you'll need about 13 of them.

When assembling the necklace, it's best tr> open the figure eights and thread the coil segments onto them.

For the clasp, set a smaller coil segment on the final figure eight at each end. These final coils are broken between circles 2 and 3 and again between I and 2. Out through the second circle.

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Length: 6V6 inches (16 cm) without clasp

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