Materials And Tools

13 Vi feet (4 m) of sterling silver w ire.

22 gauge I H mm) 5 w ires of .999 Sliver. 20 gauge (.8 mm).

2 sterling silver end pieces. 5-mm inside diameter Sterling sll\er lobster claw clasp. II mm ti rings made from 18-gauge (I mm) sterlim silver w ire on a 0- or 7-mm mandrel

Photo on page 61

Cut the 22-gauge (.6 nun) wire Into two . -res. each measuring 0% feet (2 in), each separately (see page 13).

Pfct two of the 20-gauge (.8 mm) wires rough the pasta maker.

nd the wires in half. Clamp all 14 in vise and arrange them with seven side. As shown on page f>8. lay the ndrel over the vise and braid it by mging the outside wire from one side ■r and dropping it between strands 3 •I of the opposite side, and so on. the braid gets longer, move the man-down. mlshhifi I he llnilil

' move the mandrel. Remove the braid m the vise and lay it on a piece of ither. With a plastic hammer, pound n two sides of the braid so that it omes flat and has a regular shape, termine the desired length and cut oil rest.

Oxidize the braid, the end pieces, the clasp, and the lump rings.

Clue on the end pieces (see Gluing, page 10). When the glue is completely dry. set the jump rings and mount the clasp.

Optionally, polish the piece.

Length: lf> inches (40 cm) without clasp

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