Materials And Tools

I wires of .999 fine silver wire. 24 gauge (.5 mm). 12 inches (30 cm) in length

2.5-mm mandrel

Photo on page 60

Bend the wires in half around the mandrel. Clamp the mandrel and the wires in the vise, wrapped in a piece of leather for cushioning so that the vise won't mark the wires.

Divide the wires into two groups of four. Braid 3V* inches (8 cm). Remove the braid from the mandrel and the vise.

Thread the braided end through the eye created by the mandrel (see drawing, above). Trim all the loose ends close to the braid and pinch them to the underside with flat-nose pliers. The ends should not be visible from the top.

Do you knil or crochet? If the answer Is "Yes!" then you can also make jewelry. II feels a Utile peculiar to work with metal wire instead of yarn, hut all you really need is fine enough wire. The hest part is. ii won't fade or shrink in the laundry.

If >011 already know that you knit very tightly, then use somewhat thicker knitting needles or a heftier crochet hook llian what is called lor. There's no gauge given!

hulls for the Projects

You'll need a size B-l 12.5 mm) crochet hook: I .S. sizes 2. 3. and -1 (2.5- to 3.5-mml knitting needles: round-nose pliers: wire cutters: two flat-nose pliers; curvcd needle-nose pliers: a piece of soil leather: and. optionally, a rotary tumbler.

What hi ml ol Hire Should lie Ised/

I se either ,991) fine silver w ire or colored copper wire. 28 or 20 gauge (.3 or .1 nun).


Knitted and crocheted pieces are finished lust as If they were made of yarn, by binding off. The difference is that a clasp must be mounted on somehow. The endings can be an actual end piece, which is glued on. or an alternative is to use a coil end piece (set- page 57) or a purchased cone-style end piece.

Put a heavier wire into the end of the piece. Work it in and out so it's firmly attached. Trim off the short end.

Thread a cone over the wire, the braid, and the end of the piece. Make an eye in the wire by flrsi grasping the wire % inch (.5 cm) from the end of the cone. Bring the wire around the tine of the pliers and wrap it once or twice around the wire above the cone. Closely nip the wire and pinch in the sharp end with curved needle-nose pliers.

Sei a ring in the eye and a clasp in the ring.

M Oil \i\s with llm vritt: I5k\i>s f/gk Length: 17'/< inches (43 < a* ^ without clasp

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