Materials And Tools

H u ires of .999 line silver wire. 20 gauge (.8 mm). ยก0 inches (25 an) in length

H wires of,WW fine silver wire. 24 gauge (.5 mini. 10 inches (25 cm) in length

2 sterling silver end pieces

Sterling silver double clasp. 35 mm

Photo on page 60

Clamp all the wires in the vise.

Pair up each thin wire with a thick one. and divide them into two groups of four. Braid the wires with the eight-strand braid technique described at left.

Braid until you reach the desired length Finish by pounding the braid lightly with a plastic hammer. If Ihe end pieces have a cross rod inside, cut them out with wire cullers before gluing the end pieces on (see page 10 about gluing). When the glue is completely dry. mount the clasp.

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