Materials And Tools

3. 5-mm mandrel

3'A feci (I m) of half-round sterling silver wire. 2 \ I mm

3'A feel (I mi of sterling silver wire.

IH gauge 11 mmI Sterling silver spring ring clasp. I.r> mm 14 gold beads. I t carat. 5 mm in diameter

Photo on page 21 Make the coil with the half-round wire. Oxidize the coll. the 18-gauge (I mm) wire, and the clasp. Breaking up the coil: With round-nose pliers, "break" the coll between circles I and 5 and then between circles 3 and 4. Snip them apart Continue to do this until you have no coll left Flip up the ends of all the segments and neatly center them over the coil with the ends tucked in. Put tin- lieads on the remaining wire, making eyes as shown in the drawing at left. Carefully turn the eyes, and join the bead sections to the coil segments. Mount the clasp and polish.

MATERIALS AND TOOLS 3.5-mtn mandrel

I Ai feel (.:> ml of half-round sterling silver w ire. 2 x I mm

I '-/n feet (.5 m) of sterling silver w ire. 18 gauge (I mm I

Sterling silver spring ring clasp. 15 mm

Photo on page 21

Follow the necklace directions at left to create the bracelet.

CoKkSCKI.w Mxkkings with (ioi.h Bkads

Read about dangle earrings in the section Colls Stretched into Waves, on page 24.

Photo on page 21

1. Necklace with Hematite Beads, p. 22

2. Earrings with Hematite Beads, p. 22

3. Heart Stickpin, p. 23

4. Spiral Stickpin, p. 23

5. Coil Dangle Earrings, p. 23

7. Silver Coll Bracelet with Freshwater Pearls, p. 22

8. Coil Ring with Freshwater Pearl, p. 22

10. Necklace with Gold Beads, p. 19

11. Bracelet with Gold Beads, p. 19

12. Corkscrew Earrings with Gold Beads, p. 24

Length: 16 inches (40 cm) without clasp

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