Materials And Tools

gauge (.:> mm) .7.7 glass bends. 6 mm in diameter

2 rtnxs made from 18-gauge 11 mm) sterling silver wire on a .7-mm mandrel

Sterling silver fane.» lobster claw clasp. 12 mm

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Cut the wire into three pieces, each 24 inches (60 cm) long. Clamp them in tin-vise 2 inches (5 cm) from the ends, using a piece of leather to cushion the wires and keep the vise from marking them. The braid is the normal three-strand braid pattern used for hair. Slide 11 beads onto each wire and secure them there. Start by pushing one bead up when the braided strand is coining from the right. Hold the bead In place while you braid the next wire. Repeal this every second time the braid comes from the righi When the braid reaches the desired length, remove it from the vise. With round-nose pliers, finish with an eye in each end made from the three strands of the braid (see page 18). Set lump rings on the eyes and the clasp in one of them This braid is soft and lies well. Don't make It too long or il will twist.

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If you'd like a bracelet to match the necklace above, use three 12-lnch 130 cm) .990 silver wires. 24 gauge (.5 mm), and the same technique.

Divide the wires in two groups of six and clamp them in the vise, cushioned with a piece of leather to keep the vise from damaging the wires.

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Bring the outside (number 11 wire on the left over all the left-hand wires and three of the right-hand wires, dropping it down between wires 3 ami 1 on the right side, then drawing it back to the left-center position.

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Bring the outside (number I) wire on the right over all the right-hand wires and over the lirst three on the left, dropping it between strands 3 and J on the left, then bring it back to the right-center position.

Repeat the process until all the wires have been used once, then tighten the braid. The best way to do this is to pull all the strands out sideways and slightly downward at the same lime. Klnlsll the braiding, tightening it as described every time you braid a wire.

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Sua i k Bkaiis

Length: inches (IG cm) without clasp

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