Materials And Tools

.1 wires of .999 fine silver. 18 gauge mm). 18% (46 cm) inches in length rial lube to fit the braid. I x 10 mm

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Bend the wires in half to make 10 strands.

Clamp the folded ends In the vise. I)i\ le I them with six on the left and four on r -right. Group the wires in pairs so that you are braiding with five double sirandu

Braid in the five-strand technique described at left.

Measure the bracelet around the widest part or your hand. The ends oi the wires should meet inside the lube so that the bangle can slip on and off your hand.

Clue the tube onto the braid (see page 10). Optionally, polish the bracelet.


K » /res of .MM fine silver, 24gauge (.'> nm). 10 Inches (2!5 cm) in length

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! - - i ihc wires in half and clamp them In . vise. Divide them. with three pairs on » left and two pairs on the right. Braid i ' the five-strand technique described - the bangle, above.

ist the remaining wire around in the e Idle until it looks like a little rose. Pi :k the ends in under the flower.

jc mp the wires firmly in tin1 vise and ■ them into two groups, four to a side.

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