Materials And Tools

I inches (10 cm) of sterling silver wire 12 gauge (2 mm)

I crystal set stone. 6 mm in diameter

20 inches (50 cm) of .999 silver wire. 24 gauge (.5 mm)

Photo on page -sJ

Shape a ring from the I2-gauge (2 mm) wire on a ring mandrel. One er r I is turned outward with round-nose plier 1 Check for fit afterward.

Bring the end of the ring that Isn't stick- I ing out to meet the other side of the riG,

Kile the ends with a small file. Before tyi-J on the stone, polish it in the tumbler.

Tie the setting onto the curve of the rinc -m wrapping fine wire around the ring several times on each side of the set stone.

i\i\(» ri<;i ri: kkîiits on tmii: w ri il ki\<;s

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