Materials And Tools

.' «J tine silver wire. 28 cmige (.3 mm) <terllng silver flat cod pieces

_ rings mmle from 18-gouge (I mm) sterling silver wire an a ■1-min mandrel. for the :lasp

- rllng silier hrushed-finlsli hull clasp. 12 mm in diameter

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.Mchct three chains of chain stitch, each ut 18 Inches (45 cm) long. Oxidize

• chain. Clamp the three chains in the

:>e and braid them. They can be quite se. Measure «»if the right length and p them with wire cullers. Bind the is together with a wire by weaving ugh and around litem. Be careful that weaving doesn't become too bulky to mto Hie end pieces. Glue on the end >'s. When the glue Is completely dry.

- unt the rings and the clasp.

Length: 61/; inches (16 cm) without clasp

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