Materials And Tools

3.5-mm mandrel

.{'/, feet (I m) ot half-round sterling silver wire. 2 a / mm

35 rings made from IG-gauge 11.2 mm) sterling silver u ire on a tf-mtn mandrel

2 rings made from Ill-gauge 11 mm) sterling silver wire on a I- or '»-mm mandrel

Sterling silver lobster claw clasp. 12 mm

Photo on page -17 Make a coil of round (not elongated) eights. Cut off and shape them (see page 39).

Assemble the eights with the large rings, as shown In the drawing at left.

Finish both ends with a large ring. In each of these, set a small ring. Mount the clasp on one end.

Polish in the tnmhler.

Kkacki.ft Willi Km» Pikcks

Length: (5 inches (If) c:m) without end pieces and clasp

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