Materials Ami Tools

999 silver or colored copper wire. 28 gauge (.3 mm)

10 pink ┬┐mil while pearls and heads in assorted shades and sh.ipes

Sue H-l (2.5 mini crochet hook

1 rings made from 18-gauge (I mm) sterling silver wire on a l-mm mandrel

Sterling silver clasp. 8 mm

Photo on page 73 Thread all the beads onto the wire before starting to crochet. Crochet a simple chain stitch, sliding a bead into the stitch -very three stitches. The chain is cro-heted in one piece. When it measures wice the final length, fasten off the end

Set a ring through a siilch in the center.

Mount Hie clasp on the jump ring. The wires at the other end are bound together by sewing through and around Uiem Willi the tali end of the crocheted wire. Snip the ends close, then press tliein with flat-nose pliers. Set a row of lump rings around the sewing.

The chain can also lie ended with cones (see page O il.

Ckociii ii i> Ciioki k in Pink Coiter Wire

Length: 14 V* inches (37 cm) without clasp

MATERIALS A.M) TOOLS Size II-1112.5 mm) crochet hook Colored copper wire. 26 gauge (. I mm) Cut glass hicone he,ids. I mm in diameter

I rings made from 18-gauge (I mm) sterling silver wire on a l-mm mandrel

Sterling sil\ er spring ring clasp. 8 mm in diameter

Photo on page 73 Row 1: Chain stitch until you arrive at the desired length. Turn.

Row 2: Single crochet. Fasten off the wire anil secure it by stitching around it a few times.

Measure 3 Vi feet (1 mi of wire for sewing on the beads. Fasten the wire by-wrapping and sewing it through the end of the chain and pinch in the end.

Sew on the glass beads so that they're evenly spared. End the wire the same way you started It.

In one end. sel I jump rings. In the other end. mount the clasp.

The ends can also be finished with cones (see page 04).

Coil. He\i> on Leather Cord

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