; metimcs when a piece needs a beau-ul finish, it's difficuli to find a clasp w end pieces that exactly suit its style

—re are some ways you can make your L -n end pieces and clasps. Leather cord .¡n also lie finished with these.

M ;->ose a mandrel close In diameter i the size of the finished ¡ewelry. The L II will always be slightly larger than mandrel because of I he working of v metal.

Make the end pieces out of a coll formed on a mandrel, as described on jwg«- 11. Grasp the top coll in the middle ami lift one eml up (as shown at lefti to form an eye.

Secure the end coil to the braid |or leather band) by pinching the lowest circle of the coil into the braid with flat-nose pliers.


With round-nose pliers, bend a w ire I Vi inches (4 cm) from one end. Bend the wire in the opposite direction. IW inches (4 cm) from the first bend, to gel a long, flat S-shape (see the clasp in the photo on page 61).

Cut the wire near the first curve. File the ends, perhaps hammering them flat w ith the plastic hammer. Put the clasp through I he pasta maker a few limes. Bend the ends up slightly in order lo be able to Slide il onto the end rings more easily.


iikmix!i) v:r.ki.\<:t: with l<AK<;K IIK ADS

Length. 16 Inches <40 cm) without clasp

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