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ngs made from 16-gauge 11.2 mm) ■runs silver wire on a 4-mm mandrel ins made from 20-gauge (.8 mm) •rllng sil\er wire on a 2.8-mm mandrel silver Inhsier da u dasp. 13 mm

Photo on page 12

■lenient of this handsome brace-nsists oi two triangles assembled 5- ling to the directions on the facing r then joined along one side Instead rs of large rings, however, single - rings arc used. The small rings are used in pairs.

-Tible six triangles, substituting ¿0 ring each time the directions ir .i pair of large rings. Use a row ol double small rings along one side to join pairs of triangles into the diamond shapes.

Lay the diamond shapes out in a row on a flat surface. Remove the large rings at the two ends of the diamond shape that will be ai the center of the bracelet. Join these leftover small rings to the large rings at the ends of the two end diamond shapes. Set a large ring in each end of the chain of diamond shapes, and mount a clasp in one end.

i vmci:

Here the rings are again used In pairs, two Identical rings ai a lime, every lime.

Connect three pairs of large rings with two pairs of small rings, as shown alnive.

Attach the two outermost pairs of large rings with two small rings. Lay out the assemblage so that It forms <i triangle, with one unit pointing down.

Set a pair of small rings in each of tin1 top pairs of rings.

The lattice now lacks only a top ring, which consists of a pair ol large rings set in Hie two pairs of small rings on top. A variation of this lattice pattern is shown on page 36.

I Three Simple Chains, p. 50

2. Daisy Chain Watehband, p. 37

3. Lattice Bracelet with Hematite Rings, p. 36

4. Wide Bracelet with Double Clasp, p. 38

5. Silver Bracelet of Chained Lattice, p. 36

6. Simple Necklace Threaded with Silver and Gold Beads, p. 32

\ Ion on Hir l.ilthe I'.ittern

This is the same pattern. bui with only one Size nne—still in pairs—used tlirougliout make the shape, except in Hie center of each unit, which here is a single ring. (Because of the equal and fairly small size of the rings, the slia|K' almost entirely loses its lattice character.)

Length: 17 cm without clasp

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