Wire has its own Ideas and goes its own way if it's not held firmly in place when hraided with heads.

Set a crimp bead over the three wire strands, about 2 Inches <5 cm) in from the end. Clamp the wires in a vise while braiding them.

Your life will be easier if you string all the beads onto the wire before you start braiding. Close off each strand of wire with a crimp bead at the end.

With three strands, braid hi the usual way. Every lime you change the position of a wire, slide a bead into place. Hold the beads in place, both on the center strand and on the strand with the new bead.

When the braid is long enough, cut off the crimp beads al the free end.

Sei a crliinp bead to hold all three wires. Now you can let go and give your hands a well-deserved resi.

Finish with either a bead (page 70) or a knot cover (page 72).

Kk\iih:i> Hi \i> l$r veil.it l.ength: 6V4 inches cm) without clasp

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