Coils Snipped into Figure Eights

-ine «1 chain made oul of small figure r- They could he joined lengthwise fririzonially. round or elongated—they whatever you want. Use them or joined Willi rings. Suddenly, pleicly new form or jewelry Is Give it a try: it's easy! This tech-requires a rotary tumbler for best as the figure eights are cut with utters and could present a lot of ends. Otherwise, the ends of each eight must be filed before assem-the piece. tor the I'ro/cclfi -■heater drill, a hook that will fit trill chuck, a vise, two pairs of nar-at-nose pliers, two pairs of wide -e pliers, winding mandrels, wire - .1 long ruler or tape measure, a mandrel, a small file, a plastic ham-¡nd a rotary tumbler.

klml ol Wire Should Hr I sed?

in use all kinds ol wire intended I »dry making, in gauges start-h 8 nun. The figure eights can be •mI before-assembly if the wire S too soft.

Work the pliers under the end ol the first turn of the coll and turn It so that the circle stands up.

Willi the wire cutters, snip off the next circle: this will become the figure eight.

Grasp the figure eight at one end wiih a pair or pliers. At the same time, lip the other end In place with a second pair of pliers to make a nice figure eight, with the ends as close to the center wire as possible.

Also, open and close the figure eight this way when joining it to something else.

Lay the figure eight in a pair of wide flat nose pliers and squeeze it lightly so that It's flat and ready to use. W hen using fig-ure eights in an assembly, face them all in the same direction.

Brw.r.i.ki of Joined Figlkk Gigiits

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