(oyius wizard has a crystal ball to help him with his magic. Use a glass stone or small marble for this, because plastic will melt when it is baked.

IRoll a 6mm (Kin) log of blue and cut a 5cm (2 in) length for the body. Form it into a 4cm (li^in) long oval. Flatten this on the board. Use a knife to cut it as above and curve the resulting points outwards for the bottom of the gown. Mark folds with a point. Make the arms from a 6mm (54 in) log of blue and cut a piece 2.5cm (1 in) long. Taper both ends until it is 4.5cm (IXin) long and cut into the above shape to give a long trailing sleeve. Position on the body, curving the arm around. Repeat for a second sleeve. Make two 6mm (Vi in) balls of black for the feet, point one end of each and insert under the folds of the gown.

2 Roll a 5mm (Mhin) log of flesh-coloured clay and cut two 10mm (%in) lengths. Round one end of each and press the rounded end flat on the board. On each, cut away a wedge for the thumb and make three cuts for fingers. Curve the fingers round. Press the glass stone or marble onto the front of the body and curve the hands around it, placing the cut edges of the wrists against the sleeve ends.


♦ Clay - flesh, transparent bit*, black and violet

♦ Glass stone or small marble

♦ Small paintbrush handleor similar blunt tool

♦ Gold acrylic paint


♦ Translucent blue = transport««"! trace of blue + trace of violet

3 Cut a 3mm (Kin) from a 3mm (Kin) toga flesh-coloured dayani press it on to the top of theto^ for a neck. Press a 10mm (Hi■ ball of the same day on for the head. Cut Uvo thinslkf of flesh-coloured day for«a and press them to the <ide>of the head, indenting the cento! for ear holes. Make the from a 6mm (/¡in) taperedIdfa translucent blue and roll flat Make vertical cuts as abovep trim to 20mm (Min) long.hjd the top into two points and press onto the face.

oi black ck wrinkles w press on a coloured c Apply two of transluc moustache eyebrows, of blue for end and cu from the p the top of t the hat on the point d 20 minutes Si altering c ll'ie gown a back on thi


♦ Clay - black, orange, green, transparent, violet and yellow

transparent, blue, olet or small marble >rush handle or t tool paint blue = transparent + + trace of violet

transparent, blue, olet or small marble >rush handle or t tool paint

'lowering over her bubbling cauldron, this wicked witch is fun to make - and to wear! She is made in much the same way as the wizard.


♦ Greenish flesh = transparent + trace of green

2 Roll the green flesh clay into a 3mm (><in) log and cut two 6mm (Y*in) lengths for the hands. Round one end of each, leaving the other as a cut edge. Flatten the rounded end on the board and cut fingers as shown above, splaying them out and curling them under like clawing hands. Set aside until you have made the cauldron. Form a 13mm (A in) ball of black and hollow out one side with the end of a pencil, thinning the top end and bending it over as a lip. Press the hollow side of the cauldron onto the witch's skirt.

Halloween Witch blue = transparent + + trace of violet

Make two eye sockets with a pointed tool and place a 1.5mm (14 in) ball in each. Mark the knife and a small ball of flesh-clay for the nose, small pointed ovals blue for the and two more for

10mm {% in) log the hat, point one and cut off 20mm (V, in) the point Cut a slice from of the head and press on the head, curving t down. Bake for tes. When cool, paint a of tiny gold stars over and glue a brooch on the back (see page 22).


♦ Clay - black, orange, green, transparent, violet and yellow

Make the body of black clay in the same way as the wizard on page 74. Make the arms from a 2.5cm (1 in) length of 6mm ('¿in) black log. Point the ends and cut it in half for the two arms. Arrange on the body with the pointed ends at the shoulder.

15mm (l/iin) length 3mm (Kin) log of oloured clay and the top of the body ;ss a 10mm ( in) \e clay on the neck Cut two thin slices ired clay for ears 'm to the sides of en ting the centres Make the beard ¿in) tapered log of ue and roll flat, cuts as above and (Xin) long. Pinch vo points and t face.

3 Arrange the hands over the cauldron, cut edges against the ends of the arms. Make flames by marbling orange and yellow. Roll the clay flat and cut spiky shapes, then press them onto the bottom of the cauldron. Roll out a sheet of black and cut pointed slices for a spiky collar. Arrange them, point side down, on top of the shoulders. Make the head from a 10mm in) ball of the green skin colour and point one end for a chin. Press the head gently on to the shoulders.

4 Mark a downwards curving mouth. Make a small cone for the nose and curve it downwards into a hook. Make two eye sockets with a point and fill with two small balls of yellow. Flatten a 1 mm (¿42in) log and cut two slices for slit pupils, placing them on the eyeballs with your knife tip. Add wrinkles by marking the face with the tip of your knife. Two pointed ovals of black form eyebrows. Press a tiny triangle of white above the mouth for a tooth.

Roll out a sheet of r clay and cut thin for hair, applying theto over the top of the head, i 13mm in) log of black and a thin slice for a hat brim, i on the top of the head. Thin remaining log to 10mm(!VinJ; and point one end. Cut off 20mm (Yi in) from the point press the cut end on to the brim, bending the point as shown above. Carefully slice1 witch off the board and haw 20 minutes. When cool, glue brooch back vertically to tiii. back (see page 22).


♦ Small paintbrush handle or thick knitting needle


♦ Pale pink = 1 pink + I white si i i i shoes Brooch

(y)umbling ribbons decorate these ty ballet shoes and make a brooch 1 would appeal to any young dancer, photograph shows alternative colours.

Roll the pink clay into a Jog 6,mm {14 in) thick and cut two lengths each 4cm Roll these again into and then into ovals until form tapered logs 4cm ilong. Place on the board a each into a slipper hpaintbrush handle. First trough in the centre, Is thin the sides and heel and pthe handle into the toe to «it out

2 Form a 6mm (54in) ball of pink into an oval and press it flat on the board for a base. Slice the shoes off the board and arrange them on top of this, the right-hand shoe pressed on the base and the left-hand shoe pressed over it at an angle. Roll a very thin log of pale pink and make a tiny bow on the front of each shoe.


♦ Small paintbrush handle or thick knitting needle


3 Form the pale pink into a 1.5mm (K-in) log and roll it flat until it is 3mm (/¿in) wide and about 10cm (4 in) long. Cut four 2.5cm (1 in) lengths and press one end of each ribbon inside the sides of the shoes. Arrange the ribbons to curl and twist over the front of the shoes. Bake for 20 minutes. When cool, glue the brooch back to the base at the back (see page 22).

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