Japanese Woodcut Earrings

Follow steps 1 through 4 of the pendant instructions to apply images to polymer clay (two mirror images). Roll out a thick sheet (#1 on the pasta F _ _ roller) of black polymer clay. Lightly place the

/fffl m baked pieces on the clay and use them as a guide

/.-i^fil^E Gk 1:0 cut *w0 rectangles from the black clay, and then

▼ hmmt lift off the baked pieces. Add one glass "E" bead to each of two head pins. Center one head pin onto each piece of black clay. Score the back of the baked pieces and use Kato Polyclay medium to J| attach them over the head pins, pressing onto the black clay rectangles. Bake the earrings at 275°F for 30 minutes. Sand the edges with a nail file to smooth. Clip and bend the head pins into loops at the top of each earring and hang on ear wires to finish.

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