Celtic Bracelet Rubber Stamp

One surprising feature of shrink plastic is its usefulness in producing imitative effects. Sea glass, metal, wood, and ivory are a few faux effects that can be achieved using various methods and materials on the surface of the plastic. With black shrink plastic and metallic paste you can make comfortable, lightweight jewelry that has the feel of ancient forged bronze.


Black shrink plastic (Shrinky Dinks)

400-grit sandpaper

Fine permanent marker or light-colored pencil


3/i6- or 1/4-inch round hole punch

Embossing heat tool

Celtic Knots rubber stamp set (Aspen Art Stamps)

Celtic Wishes rubber stamp set (Aspen Art Stamps)

Rub-On Metallic Highlights paste in copper (Bright Colors set; National Artcraft Co.)

Acrylic spray sealer

Copper- or rust-colored permanent metallic rubber stamp ink pad

3-foot-long piece of 24-gauge copper wire

Chain-nose (or flat-nose) pliers

Round-nose pliers

Wire cutters

Lobster claw clasp

Large jump ring

Small jump ring

Jump Ring BraceletSpray Sealer For Shrink PlasticShrink Plastic Bracelet

!• Sand the shrink plastic both vertically and horizontally to create a matte surface.

2* Trace shapes with marker or pencil and cut out with scissors (see templates on page 124).

3» Punch holes on each side of each shape. Heat the shapes one at a time with the embossing heat tool.

Pressing Jump Rings Into Clay Over HolesPressing Jump Rings Into Clay Over HolesFimo Polymer Clay Stamp

5» As soon as the shapes are completely shrunk, press a rubber stamp firmly on the hot plastic. Press hard, shifting your weight over your hands. Press for a few moments and then remove the cooled plastic from the stamp.

To make tags, stamp words on the plastic using permanent ink. Cut around the words to make rectangle shapes. Punch a hole in one end of each. Shrink the tags and seal with acrylic spray.

8. Connect the shapes using copper wire. To begin, bend the wire about 3 inches from the end into a 90-degree angle using chain-nose or flat-nose pliers.

6. Use your finger to rub metallic paste to the raised relief of the pieces and spray with acrylic sealer to protect the finish.

Polymer Clay One Direction

Form a loop by bending the wire in the opposite direction with round-nose pliers.

lO. Add one of the bracelet pieces. Clip off the end of the wire about 1/4 inch from the loop and bend the short end the wire out to keep the loop formed.

11. Make another loop in the longer end of the wire and add another bracelet piece. Wrap the wire around a few times, hiding the clipped wire. When you have finished connecting all of the bracelet pieces with wrapped loops, add a lobster claw clasp and large jump ring to either end using wrapped wire. Hang the word tags from the bracelet using a small jump ring.

Rubber Stamps For Polymer Clay

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