Star stitch

Bring the needle and floss up through the fabric and back down again a short distance away to make a small stitch. Repeat this four times, crossing the stitches to create an eight-pointed star. Finish with two small stab stitches over the center point—where the larger stitches cross—to hold the star in place.

9 Remove the silk from the embroidery hoop and cut out the larger circle. Using the hand-sewing needle and doubled polyester sewing thread, sew a row of small running stitches around the edge of the silk.

10 Lay the button in the middle of the silk circle and pull up the gathers tightly. Make sure the design is centered on the front of the button. Fasten off the thread with several firm backstitches.

11 Out of the remaining silk, cut a circle measuring approximately the same diameter as the button. Turn under V* in. (5 mm) all around, then pin the circle to the back of the button to cover the gathering. Using small oversewing stitches, sew the circle in place.

12 Hand-sew the brooch back finding to the back of the button, slightly above the center, using polyester sewing thread and the sewing needle.

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