Sustainable Alternatives To Paper Towels

Nano Towels

Nano Towels are cleaning towels made from Nanolon Fibers that are the perfect replacement for paper towels. The product can be found on Clickbank, through its official product website is The product has received glowing reviews from users and environmentalist for its precision cleaning and eco-friendliness. Some of its outstanding features include high absorbent, conserve cash by supplanting paper towels, reduces environmental pollution by avoiding paper-based cleaning products, manufactured from Nanolon Fiber, which is 100 times finer than a human hair. Nano Towels can be used to clean countertops, windows, oven, shower stalls, wood furniture, fridge, screens, glasses, taps, floors, and many others. The towels are reusable, can be used to clean stubborn stains, eco-friendly, and contains zero side effects. Anyone who wants to reduce the costs of cleaning towels can find Nano Towels worth the value. A single package comes with 4 towels, and with its durability, is very economical compared to purchasing paper towels. The only bad thing about the product is that they cannot be found in many physical stores, and the only way to buy them is via the web. Read more...

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Liver of Sulfur on Fired Clay

To use liver of sulfur on your fired metal clay jewelry, you'll first want to clean the jewelry piece(s) with a burnishing brush. Then take two small bowls (I use old plastic whip topping bowls) and fill each with about a cup of distilled water. In one bowl, add a few tablespoons of baking soda. For the other bowl, heat the water in a microwave for about one minute, and then add a tiny amount of the liver of sulfur, about the size of a piece of rice or pea. The more you use, the darker your item will become. Stir it up to make sure it is dissolved. You want a pair of tongs and paper towel handy. It is okay to put your hands in the solution, but since the water is hot, it may not be that comfortable.

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We painted the H charm in Figure 12-1 with copper paint. After it dried completely, we applied a coat of black paint to the whole charm, allowing it to set up for about 1 minute. Then, using a dry paper towel, we wiped off the black paint. Some of the black paint remained in the impression, giving the charm an antiqued look. For the R charm, we layered on pink and then teal, allowing the paint to dry for only a minute or so. We rubbed the wet paint with a dry paper towel to reveal the original white finish of the clay underneath on the high spots of the impression. Experiment with different painting techniques to get effects you like.

New skill Using a bead roller

Rolling the oval beads seems to be a little tougher than making round beads. If you have trouble getting the ovals to roll properly, mist the channel with a bit of water (or wipe it down with a damp paper towel) in between beads. The moisture keeps the clay from sticking and helps smooth out the beads.

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