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Choosing paper

Choosing ne rignc paper Is thre k-ey zo creating origami Jcimflrv wu will Itf wtr^r or give a* gl4rs.TradiikMi.ii or nttHfem, subtle or vlwH etegant or funky-vou can /ary Ite look 0? IN fewtfrf simply by diQOiing ifi iterant pap*r. There are numeious types avaftaift, arxi while ihc p^-firb in. thH IxM give syggfired pty&rs for ejeh pr^ct, tfo-Vt let 3hal fimil the possibilitiesMApafiriwic.

Thi^e oa^es. expiam th? dviractetetlts and pfOp^rtiH ol tte 5 that Gin b* use«l tor origami [pMiJf The qufrliritrt o! each are denvcmwf.iwd usm^ a trafriianwl Itftf iTL-iidr design. Some are easy to loin, yarns are j llli:* ¡Hifciei. Dii^biliiy varifiS fifth P-yfWl rypc, nnrt r.orne mora vultabk- far ioatlr-s Pian «jifcfrr* Thru* .Irn nil fatten tC consider .»Icctmg fi*p*f for yopi project, wssht though V*4>J on cxp€nm«?nt wltii |f>t«;

ai tMfeem lypes ow. 'iradiric-n.iJ lnpnr-4-v* :aiirri ^wnsrtv," =5 tte l»si choicc for ori^mi l^wo^ u is b^lilUuJ. fc&i ^ 10 fold. fltd MilMhle far borh l.Hge and wtij»1 aleces. I he manjferttrinf protttii; Iraves t he pap*! fibers toa-g and fafrtignsjy. js^wwtf.

gi'.mjj rl Ir-tredlbrt* blH?rn«Mt iliifl fl&Sfilt». The -grain rnranf. ytw '¿¿ft rtuiii dean folds in any rjir^rt ion, n nry sfefc, wii fiiDui nuinrfg or rc-a?ing. '«ash» k at$o h»gMy ¿b*proenl(, ifr tk* (&fttlft& rtiaw.'lat soaVs ihroi.jgh ^hc pMInc psipcr. in oiit-MarrdihE tforab'tHiv itf.ihe fiMshed pf&k*.

Miny diPelpm ryp^t of '«asKi ¿ifp prtCMlWC'.&j, many c-iflfrrent iiur-poi*». Two «ocid clwic^?. for origami

VB®sn was-^i MufiwyTii4 wn^hi. AliKaugh vrss^i te M&ndcrful, h; nn4 ¡ilwrsv'"

availi&li- ¿1 local $40f«> 4-nd iai ts- moft* i^prniive than othef kinik ol pap*er.


Ybzen wailii ii grLM* kir Ofigimt jeweliy. "YmwtT ri'fe ra cui^ieoiuU Inpaww d^sjgri«. uwO kirnoiios. Th«» fle&fgns sHtotfeenea omo washi shceis. artil Chert ¿.-re undlra rxniiisit^ arwt com LhC.ji& from.

MuJJro-mp wvbl

Muiiioipc {*no-paj3era tljrt^) wnfc is tfyed with a s-sgle Mi «tar, rf available In bsyih Mibtfc and rkH Mu|>zome was hi hat s Mfl-iike Mtixune. Tbc c«sinir process cot be a little Sfcfc stece gne«n raatirig lrav*s vt^HsS,

Orig»rai papflf

Specifically designed flof «fSBfltf luldwig, packages of these bilgfct,

Shtefe Of KM!* pap*r are- easily svaiUWe not

K du rabCf as wajfc«. «¡Rami paper tan PCS* will rw small lt#ms as- canlnsaP«nd ¡i for prac&lng hiding.

Choosing paper 13

WteUHMjpy P»P*r Product la vtfhileand many wniWrM fdtacs. chic i»rx|»r>sivr pa*er is eatíty avanifcle J( Wfawy store. 5lnct the wits* sfee« fa dytd, no wlrfw cvpw« Unas will sh w it folds. H rriay not wHhsUiyi M(Mat«d fowlng ntthmit tearing ¥tb*n yoo Br* «W *

¿mill pkrtfl. ye! N can wort well witih tog!i ir tfftpi* ptas*.

Fail and opalescent Oftfivni piper AH9 mad« «pMtffcatty tor or#2«mi fpWInK. roil and origami papar Is. Bitty to taM att! etas ffwrlry a unlqo# MgM awl shiny appliance

II a M «rifebfe !"<* idling, M th« shiny surface prwld« some dwiMHy.

Japanese- rtrtk-aii pattern ontzm* paper

PtfnfcHi *i&t kinw and tra-dttJooal lolk-Brt ri>»5

ipaptf is tWcfcer, stronger. an<JI vifl^r thin PfcguUf adRami paper. Nimble «WiiflA to* Urgar pi«t$. lis c*n fottfins sfeatter i\*m ^hatlanfiflg, but U can be an lr»e*pt«Jve and tvailabfe chou» pap»

Scrapbook paper Scrap^wjk paper is MtftaM* In a range of Irresistible pilrrts. Since It is e»1 desasned ft* -loldiftg, Bisy papers are iw fhrtk or tochsred Toe Smult or c«*pllcjt*d pieces. HarrWf, ir yqw fin* a dRiign cant rwii^ tiy iL for or Simpf* pi««-Whlt* di-esrfi lines mjy bec&w viu 1,1».. ¿lartL cators.


Ii may be taic stair fa addition t<s töpfir. yCKir iin&<-r:

»reihe unly iruvenfuli equipment fur tögßifil» Iwmeviis, whitri vow twörtf 10 iftKtöG' I<P wa* aSv>njoy fo» yeäi^r Vtiv ncrd a fr*1 irww items to.achkv« 4 B<wd finisfc. TJffijj section Is an ovetview riw helpful and esstnvL&I röüte arid m^fttaste öeeded ta u&iz bwtf^Üs}, dur.ibk, .nid wlfefa^ jc^r^y,


The kpy lo iwrfpct Fol^ng Is pttdse tutting. the® are- sever*: ways to aditeve lfok: use a eaft krtlfo cutting mat ¿nd tuter; ctawf fines an :hc h&ck *f pdjjy* jn-J cut with uw a pjpLH* tulle- or fp>*n n»#r, The choice dc^md* on the tgpta you HflVc ¿nd the mrihral you prefer Mien: cutting. t*e carefal not to damage your mcv. impG*rjr.t tools-ryotir fingers!


A iiitrp Hide »5 «vcrtiii to cut a clean edge. Cutting mal

A ffiit wllft .1 ffid if hrlp! Jl t*2 nftfetSlirt ligfcl JOgttS. RuEer

CIwmm 1 safety nrtw with nan slip barking art j barrbtr afaftg ant to protect j^ur ting«». It un

154 UWd IW MdA&ttftng irtd A* J ttiaift'ht PtJttif w wwd ruler* arc ra* peccmroMded as a $utde tec oBttftg mfti a crafi Hatfe.



LH»' Sb d.'AM tuniriR Una* on che* back ¿»1 Sfiisors long, s^rp m^rt I4wl Tur ftfflfttg '»15* pi£C4i <?f pipe». F01 imjU ^etes. bliirirtj. or (rimming* 1 pjii of fc<i4tf»id*ry scissors prifcti short pfr-lfrd i-tfciw wc-^i well.

Paper Cutter tri ik:p«gt> *IihH w * ^inck, jiving dew Mr*itfi| edge*, t! ha«i * ion^ wrfti a ksndW BfUrM r-p n -StMily turti. Ut* fH* nf feASi usually has a frid on ¡1 a uilwr n#ai fiw- To^i.

Paper trimniir tuts peprr Mcurvlriji qykklyt rii'lyi <nd vil>ly It a loiary rntiunfeij pn j fi^ *liuEl»-

Co a rail,

Folding may im cornfófíübie usln?, your fingers, •ixjt tihece aró-some took that help to âdifève firrft and sharp foWs.

Bone faldtf-

Ihe íhfs w «wfte cxfejPi Arm cípüíí apd to smooth ¿reshty ^Urihd surfaces.

ftûurîd toothpick fhb h useful for rnany fiddly technique?.

weh 4b radii«« Wa skwH cétatrç opening up pockets, Jpd fesftaplns p&ats


ííie bra citing material to uv? teif &t¡ñ* fífllift, waiiMtósed twivuicirriie, wftictt can be- found at craft that wry d^rflupagc-íiitipüea. The pûfyurethane sáaks through à» paper and hardens «níi» lay*** gWijS durability fthilfr-roarM-airiirtg ihe warmth and ftM&rJty of papa-t. Althr>ugti if ran be djfánfif up witn bùèp ¿rvi wiïec oflce' tírfetí. the Polyurethan? mstoK Ihe picee w?ter n«i?.lant Yúu wíjl ai$o a vafl«v of oth^ Items.

Small palet brush

For jpßtytap «acEftj nuu-rlals.

Small plastic or glass contain*"" Something to hoW a "wklntj. imoiint Of coatkig rsaterraL

Glue Hick

Apy glu* tíkk llttfe dneí íleir ib MjiUWi-Jkdd-ftao, ex trapue nçïh mede sptcinaBy rw craft woifc are besL

Hound toothpick, üsfíul lor applying stlue to «mall jpc» ç* ¡ftto H*r4-t6-fe«tfi

Epo&y slue

Siletc gftt-pan ipoxy gluo that tfrtei UK* clear rubber nd b Btftf-frw when twpçd, "Qne-pwC IttMAf iti» product fo ready to use artmijçM íróre the tube *vd you do Mi have Ca ml* two substances to activate Uk 3IU* TTtii »«INilrth H: «vAilahU at <ra*t -dons. Suïwj-bUk is no« «commendjed beííu&e ft is wteen ¿jy and Ike giass.

Eqi/ipm^ni! 55


Tl»«a ara lifirtul tor to&dlng Layare ftwetfwr until dry.


íor padding areas to pietes uvftfy.

Wbä paper or ither non-sUck starfac»

Place pi oc es m a non'«tek »ata« while they dry.

Rnlshfngt jewelry findings these tidisfam your Origami creation into |<Y. fcach project K35: 3 8« Of rtr.n?

iwted to «mpifte tte piece.

You will find them at Cf«ft and beading stores, usually in a choiw of ti| kdraS, b^se metal, gold filled, cw staling silver.

B-ar pin

A pin with a fcui. ar i.'nif, 4U.OW2 k bfwnh In bt wwu to 4 pendant

Plaitic sheet or dfsc This, iv as backing for atr-ietilng 4 bar pin.

Any Sturdy p^astk SfeWC iVin bt U6#d, ft* example-, diApuwbta plastic (ftitaincre, or pa^fc^injc. Th4 Ml tftfciacB afcaul ?h»t ot * cwd, wtucft ii (though to twnd a*sHy, but tiiln «ough to be cut tttaors. 3c UHP*l all ihnip rijfptf?.

Other pins-

<*afirw* rypw fli lewtlry, Mudlng a »a ua clubch, kilt pin, hairpin, barrets«. and stickpin.

Clasp, jump ring, split ring, corenisctor, etld bar, crimpMfif bead, clea/ nail polish Tfr UniiJh the ends al n*ck|»{*s *f.d bt«c*iets.

Beading Hi»ad„ btaifing wire, and chain Itet ar* uv«d to string b**dt o* iharms.

Eatfing Findings

nuts an ¿It uied to flnWi Miring*.

Uather tord, knotting cord, and twrtn cord

Usee to hang origami charms nr 45 embilllthmeoft.

EquspffifrPil 17

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