Butterfly Origami Pap

Butterfly brooch, hairpin bracelet, and earrings

Sfclfi tatâ

Thr butterfly ii ¡1 tyWbol of beauty transformation, and Birtterfaes have always been laved, woridwfte, for iheir appearance as they flutter freely in the air. V^ei washl ts recGrarnentsed to represent the bu5terfl/5 tea-uty.

freedom graceful pap»er


* ? in. (7 5. err»:« squire iiran w»hl papçi 4 lvj in. (4 ori\ ptiuk dsc «y ttt a. i !tk 1.1 m rml

Ciplui* and mir ih»w (1 jittfy hlilîriffif*, A bfti prrt ntlh tiil pA«b|(S Ifli- EsiÉséi: »1 Irt .il-^îi tiif im<iH\

** a pendant, and Ift« hail n^n^ofc. Ik«- tmRpjIV'S iftllMMt.

Eati frigs

♦ in. 1.5 cmi sijua;« yu?*n vMrjhi piper is il + ; t*4iJS

+ i MW:J bWdi-4 1 in. {2.5 G-.i eye pirvs fr 7) 4 ? ÎKvtuiiik Mitfr-g ¡¡ruling*


* hairjpm

♦ t.;. in. to CflfcJ y^ajr« y^m wj^hi paper fc 3:1

♦ 15fvanjYjKi beads

♦ cbitf srirk fpwystot

C^OlinS m.s|çri<jl î>ruSh '□und lootirpkk lo apply eJ'*

h^tfrtg «w yr M4&P 3Uund-nm pliers (Uttvs plitrs

Burner My bfaoth, hairpin, b «1 a c e-1 e i. r and e-airings

the fa Iced layers. Vkmnlain-fold in half lengthwise.

7 both right ar»d left OpfcflifttS, fcvmrrtii triangles. flatten the triangles to make the hulief llv's Wirl«S.

4 raid both (op En rrte«f the emur awitt. lh*fi jnfoirt

10R.W upihe butterfly's Anlcsnnni«.

film the butterfly over.

9 Mate *Ouc tu*a from the wde* af the wings, snnvin Kviln foiling the dtoectfen of the arrows.

2 fofci no*h ^de? tj& about ore sixth away from -he eerier crease,

S Lown th« le«t iialf opening *r»d Ixlng the Jen eds* ail the -way 10 the fif ltc edge, row»K a triangle. Native she triangle. Pijrn tbr piere over, nnr? do rhn ^ar»«? on tt* other

6 Fglcl up ito? tortom i?r the Hans-}* tf about one third.

For vnulle-r pi«?v. amis the «iiennae !o rr^ke- toldSng a little iatscr: however, if yn>u whh. you cm ¡idd Ihcm.

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