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Rose brooch, barrette, and earrings

Red, pi;ik, yellow, or while—eywyone has a favorite color for so CtMHW yours For ihesc gOrg&Oui btoOm^.. Made from several identically folded flowers of dPfPer«it sizes, these roses are quite simple foidt y« they ioc?k very eiafccrfar*.


For ihe brooch ya«j *vlU lo make five- af Ptfwrrr SMd A Is«1 pftg* itf!1, on-e eich in <f«flferenl For the barrtcte, you will need to nwfce nirie of Rower Bml A, three In ifiree diffrrmt M- Fo* th^ rowings ytni wilt roed to wafce sU of Slower Bead \ iwo each in three {tiOTererei siaes.


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* ned muiirome vsashl jiaoer ¡"k in, (ft»} <rrtl s^tvei |x y, 2 In. ft cmj squarer. fr 5)

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