Assembling The Earrings

1 Follow steps t to 4 'or the pin. Make two pieces. Thread a round bead, then glue a split ring on top of the bead.

2 Trim the pin, n w io6 dirc-ci^ry a f design*: winter

Heart earrings

2 Fi^.il *H pQiir C0(F>ffi to the cern-eq fheft unhkU.

1 Rrgln with .1 prfvaimnrv batt! (Hflf 20)i Utfolrf the piete vl iornplelctf-

The- preliminary fchise i*> enhanced 1a treiilr 0 three dimensional head., which COT be embeStishwd with vour fevorltt beads to becorne a must for Va&eni nc's Dav.

«• Tim C> cm] •n^.ai'rs. yufflu «««vi p3per t*. Jj

2 fls* Htofc euftig Hndwiss AS[ ft

Er 4 P.pfohi the piece kick ¡ma cfe preliminary bdie.

♦ tWImg m^eiili and bftfft

♦ POinii IwlhpVlts tO -lUptf gkiT

I sm Ihe four

/' coTneri- to rrtasc lines made in '.tc-p 2. liien fnld ndi cut -o the crenwd line.

line ai shown jrd Jf in tl* carwr f--betow layers tn Aihii-vp * rounder Ish«?n rcp«»l with 1h*

refining three -co-ners.

Vivid variations bighc tmS If *riuih*r

6 he heart h cuirpkrfe and rcsidy lo tie luinei ltd an etfrinf.


* 7 fch-haak «rring timing

Paper crane brooch, tie tack, and earrings


Hinke an insidt rcverae *nid on an* ond. Pull 1he wings apart ta coppielí the crine, esmnis ♦ * *

IMStionalLy a symbol of happir.ess, longevity, health, j gg&d luck, imf fortuné, in re<wi1 year* the crine has. twcofiw a symbol for world pwte. An old tradition says that if vou make ¿ thousand cranes, your wish will come true.


rtnshi papw

* »aund loofitipicfc

VHohl papier + round ißiichpirk

* utfe dutch

2 fold the njfit and iett

«dp tN top tdyef to meet d? the carrier» Turn" the piecp iwcr and repeat

Shis stop nr. the tithe» ikte.


* 7 fch-haak «rring timing

* Rbe sfcci

* locihpick to apply 5?lue + scissors

no direti&'y of disl&ns: japan

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