Assembling The Earrings

Make two fans, following steps 1 and 2 for the brooch.

1 Cut a plastic sheet into the same shape as, but sl#t!y smaller than, |he tan. Using epoxy glue, glue an earring post on the back of the fan, just above the point where it is tied with ccrd.

2 Use a beading awl to pierce the plastic to match the center of the earring post.

3 Insert the earring post through ths hole and glue the plastic to the back of the fan. Attach an earring nut (o finish.

Yuien washi adds a traditional touch, as well is richness ind depth, to - O the unsu (fan).

iiS directory of designs: japanese

In the middle ages, japan was a nation of feuding warlords. The kabt:o was the helmet worn by samurai, the Japanese warrior class, as they marched into battle protecting their masters, or tono. Each kabuto carries the distinctive insignia of the samurai's warrior clan. In modern Japan, the kabuto is used as a decoration during Boys' Festival (May 5th), when the wish is thai each bo/ in the family will grow healthv and strong.



♦ about 10 in. 125 cm) length knotting cord

♦ iw in. (4 cm) plastic disc or im x r. in. (4.5 x cm) plastic sheet

A rather masculine design, the kabuto may surprise you with how wtll It matches your wardrobe.

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