Assembling The Brooch

1 Make a blintz base, then unfold the paper completely. Using a glue Stick, apply glue everywhere inside, then refold the blinu base. Let I he glue d 7 completely. Continue folding to step 10.

2 After folding step 10, unfcld the piece back to the blittf/ base, but keep all four corners folded as shown. Apply glue stiik to ;he areas shown, Complete the folding.

ihls t.'iangfc

4 After coating, the 5 Cut a piece of6 Glue a bead on crease lines may not be plastic sneet into thethe triangle tips as clear, so re-crease shape shown andin the opening those on the front layer, use epoiy glue toof the seashell

Take care to keep the fi* it on the backto complete the mountain folds and of I he seashell. Thenbrooch, valley folds the same as glue the bar pin on originally folded. the plastic.

4 Use a beading awl 5 Insert the end of the wire from tie to pierce a hole on the top through the hole. Cut the ends of center of the seashell's the wire, leaving about j/j in. (1.25 back, from the Inside. cm) exposed. Use round-nose pliers to bend the ends of the wire and hide them behind the flaps.

1 Follow steps j, and 4 for the brooch, coating it after step 2 and leaving it to dry. (Skip step 3.)

2 Make j loop about tm in. (5 mm) in diameter in the middle of the wire. Tc make a loop, wrap the wire arcund a thin round dowel, skewer, chopstic*, or fine pencil, and twist it to make a loop,

3 Thread a rourd bead on the wire. Using the tip of a toothpick, apply a small amount of epcxy glue to the bottom of {he bead to secure it to the wire.

5 Cut a piece of plastic meet into the shape shown and use epoiy glue to fix it on the back of the seashell. Then glue the bar pin on the plastic.

3 On the back of the seashdl, lift the flaps and apply epo«v glue to the areas shown. When the glue has dried, coat the piece, and let dry completely.

jli* in here gkje the -wme (>j<ft on this s»de i do ihls t.'iangfc

TOP VIEW front

TOP VIEW front

6 On the back, ar the swshell, lift ih* fops and dpphf epiwcy glue rn rhr Areas t^iown. Also dpolv glue to the ends of ite wire. a<rid la he bat*, of I he round for in siftngth.

7 Cirf Ihc iierr.p in iialF. Hoicks tv»o strands tQgffrtr, fpiri ii in halF to nrd me kiddie, Make a '.Ingir <no: s in. (7.5. cm> awav from the middle*

then make a single fcnol 3 in, i>.$ frn! away iron tfte middle lo If* olher Side. Makf> four mors- slngte-AOöifi. on each sioe, 2 ¡n. (5 cm) apart- klalce ane «.ingle if each end of ihc hemp.

TO FWCE «.SWülL KNOr line behfod


& insert the hemp ^«-cugti the Ictfp Id cüiwefl Ihe seashell nrvd c^mp-lr-tc the nccklnti. Tip tfhe ends or the ^emp lORti^er Lo make Che necklacc ?he required k?ngi;tit eerie-'

Vivid variations rum wishi pattern* A*« 8 bolder si.ate^eni-try match in5 vhridl bead cetera loo

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