Assembling The Brooch

1 After mafcins n hird

Daw. -oi»n the top portion. Uiiik a slue -.tick, Apply glii?

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Crime's »wpigi will hi j an$ fchipfi clow-

foe fold. Turn the p«t; aver and dD fte same on ihe other side. CoTipte the folding rn 3,

Jj I,1* ¡ft- (l.JJ, A/ COi) lor.g, liil y / Uik mirtj. Appfy / wmi eposry glue tfjktfd the ro4d lint, place the Inrthpick immediately beneath f the fe4d line, and ftiid dnwn Ihr- wing. This prevents ihe town bcin.5 fcided Rdlr and it in place Coat the p~y*it and W dr>' completely.

2 Fold down ora vpIivj at -am angfc. Mm* m inside reverse f&W to f«>-m i (rank's tea*,

4 Cui o pit:« of pl.ii.lic shed to the fhap«- of the bark c-i cr.irrr, faut slightly smaller, Usinj epowj* g^e, give the plaMic on tfifi back cF Ihe iwit, Ihen gjw a bjrf pin on the plastic.

1 Follow steps 110.3 far finishing thi fridOth FW toCK i>rif wing and pierce ii behind Ihf- cranp's b&dy 'fcith a heading awl,

2 Ctft a p*e<e a? plastic to the shape of the gico* tfimwri) but siigttly smaller Pierce the plastic In- the same oraiciun di the hgfc |hnH»gh far wing,

3 insert -a ruifc pir- imugh tfte Rote in the winy. .Applv <*po»> glue in wrt-re thn> pin. n^ing sure Che ItMtf will be hidden behind the triangiJIar s-Mtion

6f lise crane*» boitf v 4 With epGi.ey fjue. anach ^ Ihe jlai.1« '.h-pel ta the b»rk flf the fHWP. ftjtlng Pie pin through tine halt.

Pipe? ¿fan* braocli, 1 \ v lick, and v pr rings lii

Make ?yrg rran*5 awl follow siep 1 ft?.- the braortt. -Com p Iff!* Mdfrg. thor, coal ihe pieces. ar?d let dry ttitipfelely: . .n

2 Thread a seed bead, n Swanraki brad, 1hrn n s^ed bead on ¿r. eye pift. Insert the eye pin through tiiO hf!tf ftwi th# fnp, Trim ihe bottom d9 she eye Dirt, leaving ¿DC'Ui in. IS nvn'l exposal

1 Pierce the center of the enw with a b«3<3»ng avil, from a little hote « the bnrtom up tc the p<v.k pf the body, .

5 Wt*:h ftncmgs. to CfivApfete. iVteke d je<iind narring in ttr same Mty.

4 Press trie irane rail dosed with fagers (or a c- yj and secure- t-hc aye pin. Hotel until Lhe ilue / dies.

¿tfgsfczz:--"'' boWoaor the e^ pin, ard luck it in the Crane's

1.1't iMng tfu? Dp of a loothplck, apply a wall amount oi epo«.y jjluc to the Sail.

Vivid variation*

Tbe dazzling paleU« -of colors annailablft tor origami Mptr enable yw.- to auto bmmufliy tiiidfTus viftation^.


Kimono brooch and earrings

The kimono, a traditional Japanese garment, is a straight-line, and fulHergth robe with very wide sleeves. It is wrapped tightly around the body by the obi <sash). and secured by the obi;ime (sas > bard). It may not be the most practical garment, but il ¡5 surely one of the most beautifjl. When wearing a kimono, the left s de always goes over the right. Select paper for the kimono and obi as you wojld a dress fot a doll.

Wi:i its kimono-inspired patterns, yu/en washi paper makes the most traditional-looking pieces. The "Fuji-musubi" {wisteria knal) used here is one of Ihe mosl common ways 1o tie the obllime.


• iy4x 7 id. (4.5, x 17.7$ en) yui-an w^hi paper for the kimono

• M x 1 ¡n. (4 x 2.5 cm) yu»n vw^shî uper for the obi

• polyester fiberfill


* 1 x 4 in. (2.5 x 10 cm) yuïen v% ¿rshi paper for the kimono (x 2!

* IX j/j In. (2.5 * 1.2s cm) yjzen msN paper lor the obi (x 2)

♦ about 3 in. (7.5 cm| length knotting cord U 2) » 2 wood beads v q

♦ coating material and brush

• toothpick to apply glue

Kimono brooch and earrings 113

A 3 fold the top layer in half widthw se to mark the center and unfold-it does not have to be cmseC all the way down.


1 Fold the paper for the kimono in half lengthwise. Fold down the top edge of I he top layer by about»/»in. (1.25 cm) for the brooch or about

2 Mountain-fold the top edge of the top layer a little.

4 Fold the left comer down at an angle, a Short way Irom the center at the top. so that the comer crosses the center crease a little. Do the same with the right comer.

9 Turn the piece over.

5 Fold the left side of the top layer, two-thirds of the way across, then Flatten the bottom to form a triangle.

6 Repeat the previous step on the right si je.

8 Make a narrow fold down both sides and fold in half lengthwise.

9 Turn the piece over.

7 Make mountain folds at the tops of the triangles. Turn the piece over.

10 Align the Shoulders with tiie tow of the sleeves. Flatten the bottom of the kimono, whch is nowcomp eted amrnmoHHEXTPMB ►

Paper fan brooch aid earrings 117

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