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Martin Debenham began welding topiary frames for a nursery in 2005. Creating the simple animal forms to support and shape decorative shrubs helped Debenham to perfect his welding skills, which eventually enabled him to build independent sculptures of his own. Debenham's childhood love of eagles and other birds of prey inspired him to create this sculpture of a Golden Eagle. The sculpture's wingspan is nearly 8 ft. (2.4 m). What's perhaps more impressive: that's life-size for an average Golden Eagle.

The eagle, composed of individually cut and shaped stainless steel rods, was constructed in sections with the use of a Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welder. These sections were then fitted and welded together. To ensure that the feathers realistically overlapped, Debenham placed each weld join on the inside of the sculpture — not an easy feat and one that proved a bit too tricky for the body. Instead, he constructed the body as a whole so that the wings and other parts could fit together accurately, starting at the beak and working through to the tail and feet. —Addie Kidd 51)

at a glance

With a wingspan of nearly 8 ft. (2,4 m), Taking Off is the size of a real-life Golden Eagle.

Photos by Mark Matysiak.

Title: Taking Off

Artist: Martin Debenham

Materials: Stainless steel: 2-4 mm rods, and sections of spheres for eyes

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Art Jewelry November 2009

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