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Are you missing OUt? Find out how to get the mOSt out of our extensive f you haven't spent hours poring over our Web site,, you're not taking advan-I tage of all we have to offer. Every month, we add new content to the site to help our readers learn more about jewelry making. (Look for our online extra boxes throughout every issue to find bonus tutorials, projects, videos, charts, calculators, artist profiles, templates, and more.) To help you get acquainted with what our site has to offer, check out the key spots we've highlighted below, and have fun exploring.

A. The current issue See a list of what's inside our current issue, including projects, product reviews, artist interviews, a gallery of inspiring jewelry, and more. Plus, you'll find links to bonus articles.

B. Why subscribe? Click here to find out what perks Art Jewelry subscribers get when they visit our Web site. (Think free projects, sneak peeks at product reviews, access to exclusive reference articles, etc.) Already a subscriber? Simply register on the Web site to access your bonus content.

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Welcome! When you see an online extra box (find the nearest one if you see a click icon S3 in text), it will tell you where to find exclusive content online at www.artjewelrymag. com. We also have bonus online videos; well denote those with a video icon E3.

D. Magazine Click here for a drop-down menu that will let you see the contents of upcoming and past issues, meet and contact the Art Jewelry editors, and learn how to submit content to us. You can also find out about advertising in the magazine and about selling it.

E. Search Projects Here you can look for projects that have appeared in previous issues of the magazine and online based on skill level, medium, jewelry type, keywords, and issue.

F. Projects For Sale Click here to browse for and buy individual PDFs of projects that have appeared in the magazine.

G. Subscriber Exclusives The free Web-exclusive projects listed here are for subscribers only. We add a new project every other month!

H. Free Projects Users who are registered on our Web site can go here to access nearly 30 free how-to projects.

I. How to Click here to access our basic instructions and step-by-step photos, which you can use to build your foundation of jewelry-making skills.

J. Videos Watch 50+ video tutorials on basic jewelry-making techniques for working with metals, wire, metal clay, polymer clay, enamels, and more. Plus, see bonus video content from the magazine and buy video classes.

K. Community. Go here to get inspired by the jewelry that appears in each issue's Gallery. You'll also find Bonus Galleries of intriguing pieces that we couldn't fit in the magazine. Anyone can look at the galleries, but registered users can add comments.

L. Product Reviews

Subscribers can go here to get a sneak peek at our product reviews before each issue hits the newsstands. Don't forget to check out the archived reviews of the products we've tested over the years.

M. Contacts & Suppliers

You can click here to download PDFs of shopping lists for the upcoming issue and contact info for the suppliers and featured artists in each issue.

N. Online Articles Here you'll find some of the bonus articles we've referenced in the magazine, as well as stories on what's happening in the jewelry community.

©♦Reference Click here to get handy reference charts and bonus tutorials on essential jewelry-making skills.

P. Glossary Check out this reference list of common, useful jewelry terms.

Q. Events Calendar Here you can search to find jewelry events throughout the world. You can add your own event to the list, too.

R. Find A Class To find or list classes in your area, start here.

S. Calculators Click here to access our calculators; they'll help you figure out things like how much it costs to run your kiln or what ratios of metals to use to make alloys.

T. Wallpaper Decorate your computer's desktop with wallpapers showcasing jewelry that's been featured in Art Jewelry projects.


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Contacts & Suppliers

Online Articles



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Find A Class


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